If Only the Left and Right Had Come Together to Condemn Violence When It Counted

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The cities burned, police stations with cops still inside were torched, stores were looted, lasers blinded police officers, Molotov cocktails were served up in riots nearly every night of the spring, summer, and fall. Courthouses and federal buildings were  assaulted.


The media and Democrats called the rioters “mostly peaceful.”

District attorneys set rioters free, Kamala Harris sent bail money, and the only ones complaining about it were … us and Trump.

If only the nation would have come together – the Left joining the Right – to denounce the violence when it happened, I believe we would not have seen the disgraceful and outrageous scenes of Wednesday when Trump-supporting protesters shape-shifted into rioters and assaulted the nation’s Capitol Building.

Police eventually resorted to tear gas to drive away those who gathered outside as a 6 p.m. curfew drew near.

If the scene reminded you of something, it’s understandable. The 2011 takeover of the Capitol building in Madison, Wisc., by teachers’ union members looked, sounded, and smelled a lot like what happened in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.


Or the takeover of the Senate office building during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

The teachers and anti-Brett Kavanaugh rioters left behind millions of dollars in damage to the building and grounds. Just like Wednesday’s riot will.

Wednesday was the day right-of-center protesters fulfilled the Leftist smear that they are dangerous.

Supporters of President Trump, convinced that the surreal November election results were due to some voodoo-like, Jedi-level tricknology, demanded justice. They broke in and scared the holy hell out of everyone inside the Capitol building on Wednesday. One woman was shot and killed. By whom, we don’t know.

Bashing in windows, destroying barriers, yelling “treason!” scores of what the media would have called “mostly peaceful” protesters had they been Leftists, broke into the Capitol building and then walked in at first like starry-eyed tourists, taking selfies at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, standing at the podium in the House Chamber, and then things devolved into roughing up the Capitol Police.


Joe Biden beat President Trump to the public microphone by a few minutes to denounce the violence, something he should have done last summer with as much gusto. As Townhall colleague Katie Pavlich pointed out, “Biden has zero credibility on this issue. He and the DNC stood by when American cities were burned by Antifa and BLM all summer. Please. They are both bad. He only condemned one.”

If Democratic mayors had allowed police to put down the violence and denounced antifa and BLM rioters last spring, summer, and fall like Joe Biden did on Wednesday, it’s doubtful the right’s protesters would have been empowered to pull this riotous stunt Wednesday.

Instead, Biden and the DNC sat back and gave limp-wristed remonstrances or called antifa an “idea.” An “idea” that torched cop cars and burned out small business owners. Got it.

The Left likes to peddle the idea that President Trump empowered the rioters we saw Wednesday. There are a lot of people who subscribe to this belief. The president’s  statement on Wednesday was weak sauce, late, and not terribly helpful. Sympathizing with people bashing in windows of the Capitol building was not a denunciation of the violence. “You’re hurt … you have to go home now … we have to have peace …  you’re very special … we love you” sounded like a soft-pedaled message of the kind a cop makes to a gunman holding hostages.


I’d share it here, but Twitter, as usual, decided the president’s speech incited violence. You’ll have to settle for this link and a screenshot.

There are some who believed that antifa thugs had made their way into the riotous mob.

Who knows?

As lawyer and Townhall colleague Kurt Schlicter said on Twitter on Wednesday, it shouldn’t make any difference in prosecuting the bad actors.

I’d suggest that the people who committed crimes today at the Capitol should be treated exactly like the BLM/Antifa rioters, except that won’t work because I think the criminals today should be prosecuted and punished.

And that’s the difference.


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