Lefty Portland DA Says He'll Prosecute Armed Militia 'Occupying' Neighborhood In Portland. About That ...

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The armed antifa and BLM militants who have taken over a Portland neighborhood have been warned by the district attorney that he’ll prosecute them. That sound you hear is the laughter coming from the “occupiers” who have already been arrested and released by Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt.


On Friday evening, Schmidt issued a statement about the takeover of the so-called “red house,” an appropriate name given the politics of the armed group of militants.

Schmidt’s letter obsequiously begins with his general agreement with the occupiers.

Many in our community would have never known about the plight of the Kinney family and the red house on Mississippi but for the neighbors and community members who have refused to stand by silently. Now, we understand and feel more keenly that foreclosures and evictions, even when afforded due process, can have cascading effects. The shame is that it took this type of an intervention to bring so many together to want to remedy the situation.

After telling the armed militants that he feels their pain, Schmidt said he’d “aggressively prosecute” the rabble who continue the occupation.

Simultaneously, there are significant public and life safety concerns with the conditions on North Mississippi. I have heard from neighbors scared to leave their homes and I’ve heard about journalists being assaulted. I condemn the violence and intimidation tactics I have learned about from earlier this week. Continued violence, property damage, and harm to our community is inexcusable and will be met with aggressive prosecution. Civil disobedience and First Amendment rights are at the core of a well-functioning democracy – threatening and assaultive behavior is not.

UPDATED Showdown in Portland: Antifa and BLM Hold Neighborhood Hostage, Build ‘Autonomous Zone,’ and Attack Police Trying to Stop Them

The house and the streets surrounding it were taken over on Tuesday by the Portland Professional Protesters™, who set up a so-called Red House Autonomous Zone, after police and sheriff’s deputies cleared it out after years of neighborhood complaints.

The home and the grounds were filled with squatters, campers, drug-addled incompetents, and ne’er do wells. Police had been out to the home in the weeks leading up to the armed takeover more than 80 times.

They stored a cache of weapons.

Police have declared the occupation zone a no-go zone for other Portlanders. Neighbors who have been victimized by the mob are even more frightened by the armed insurgency.


Setting Up a Siege? Antifa Has Armed Guards, Stockpiled Weapons at Portland Autonomous Zone

The home became a friction point when a bank foreclosed on it in 2018 – pre-COVID – and sold to a developer. The Kinneys, who owned that home and reportedly another one nearby, are black.

The people encamped at the house who were initially rousted out of the house and arrested on Tuesday by police and sheriff’s deputies were all released and charges against them were dropped. They appear to be all white.

The antifa and BLM protesters say that gentrification from “the man” is why the Kinney family no longer owns the home.

There are holes in the story big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through, but the Portland Professional Protesters™ used the occasion to stage an armed takeover of the foreclosed house and of the street in front of it for several blocks, as well as an alley behind it.


On the day of the takeover, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told the armed militia he wouldn’t let an occupation stand.

But two days later, he had changed his stance to “we’re monitoring the situation.”

Perhaps he was “monitoring the situation” when the mob surrounded him at dinner on Friday night.

To recap: there’s an armed takeover of several streets of Portland. Like with the riots in downtown Portland over the summer, which took place mere steps from his office, Wheeler has abandoned his responsibilities to the rule of law and responsibility to all Portlanders and indulged the mob.

And the Multnomah County DA is right there with him.

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UPDATED Showdown in Portland: Antifa and BLM Hold Neighborhood Hostage, Build ‘Autonomous Zone,’ and Attack Police Trying to Stop Them
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