Retired Cop Blows Up 'False, Fake' Democrat Narrative on the Execution of a Portland Trump Supporter

Portland murder victim Aaron "Jay" Danielson, right (Photo used with permission)

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler all have, in so many words, declared that the execution of a man who supported Trump and the police Saturday night was the victim’s fault, along with President Trump and right-wingers. Sure. And rape victims ask for it, too.


But in an exclusive interview with PJ Media, a retired local cop says all the Democrat excuse-making is “false” and “fake.”

Consider this: There were multiple Trump convoys in cities across the country with no one murdered. And in Portland, somehow in the past nearly 100 days, antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ managed to pull off more than 23 riots and more than 22 unlawful assemblies in which they looted, pillaged, set fires, and committed acts of violence without any “help” from right-wing groups or President Trump.

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A retired local cop, who wishes to remain nameless for obvious reasons and who participated in the Trump and Blue Lives Matter/Thin Blue Line miles-long car convoy, says it was a gloriously fun event. Then antifa started tossing rocks, like Wile E. Coyote tossing anvils, off freeway overpasses. Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ protesters attacked the convoy by shooting mace or bear spray at Trump supporters sitting at red lights and by tossing bottles, fireworks, and other projectiles at participants in downtown Portland.

The former local cop said it didn’t matter if children were in the cars, antifa and BLM agitators attacked vehicles driven by police and Trump supporters – who were attacked for their political beliefs.


It was great until we hit downtown Portland and the Antifa/BLM crowd realized what was happening. I was towards the front, but the lines of vehicles went for miles. Once BLM/Antifa realized what was happening, they gathered their numbers and the latter half was attacked with rocks, their car windows were broken, even with children in the car. And then the violence really started, ending with the shooting and killing of a patriot that was wearing a thin blue line flag on a pouch.

Anti-Trump people also stopped their cars to block the streets and created human chains to prevent the convoy from moving. Some in the convoy reportedly fired paintball rounds at the antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ hassling them.

The retired cop says she’s disgusted by how this fun event was characterized by the media and local leadership.

False, fake. I am so sick of the left-wing controlled media around here writing the narrative. I was at the Trump rally … We started in Clackamas, it was a gathering of families, truckers, a big group of Asians for Trump, motorcycles, veterans, and I could go on.

I was at the rally to support President Trump and to support local law enforcement who have suffered for the last 90+ days with Wheeler being their police commissioner.

I participated by wearing a thin blue line t-shirt, placing a large American flag in the back window of my car and waving a small American flag at the rally.

I participated with prayer and singing “God Bless America” along with some other patriotic songs and it started with the national anthem and a prayer. There was then a speech by the organizer of the event. I then participated in the car parade by following a bunch of other cars decorated with Trump flags, American flags, various military branch flags, driving a route that had not previously been released, for “safety reasons,” we were told.


Sounds positively treacherous.

Mayor Ted Wheeler claimed that this convoy fomented violence and the people involved “were supported and energized by the president himself.” It was a political rally, after all.

The convoy had wrapped up by the time Aaron “Jay” Danielson was gunned down on the streets of Portland, apparently for supporting cops and Trump. Video of downtown showed Leftist demonstrators massing on the streets. The investigation into Danielson’s murder continues. A person of interest in the killing is an avowed antifa member and has been seen at several riots.

The former cop had seen Danielson at pro-Trump and pro-cop gatherings.

I did not personally know him. I do remember seeing him at a handful of events I’ve been to and the thing that sticks in my mind was his smile. He had an amazing smile, and I am saddened that they have erased that just because he doesn’t vote and think the way they do. I would have thought that the very definition of fascism, and yet they call themselves antifa—interesting. I think they need some history lessons.

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Police officers are trained observers. They are schooled in remembering important information that could be used in court cases. This retired cop says things were fine in downtown Portland until antifa and BLM showed up.


It was completely peaceful until the other side showed up. They want to silence our voice and use bullying and intimidation tactics to do so. Our local media is portraying this as a fight between the alt-right and BLM/antifa. That is a flat-out lie …This is unjust and unfair that we cannot gather and rally peacefully in the streets because the mob won’t let us.

There were a diverse group of people there. I first noticed a large group of Asian-Americans, at least 20 or so of them, their vehicles were decorated with flags and they were dancing and cheering to the music and I just remember thinking how happy they looked and [they] seemed to be having so much fun.

There were some “cowboy” looking types with cowboy hats on, wearing Wranglers and cowboy boots and a couple of them, both the men and women, had guns attached to their belts. There were regular family groups of people with kids. There were quite a few semi trucks there, one pulling, like, a stand on platform about 20 feet in the air with a bunch of people standing on it and dancing and cheering. There were some African Americans and some Hispanics also there that I noticed. I saw people of all ages, from children about 4 or 5 to men and women probably in their 70s. I followed a local guy up here called The Black Conservative Christian.


On one antifa livestream, you could hear observers counting black people in the convoy.

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The retired officer said she and many other people were armed, including their security, which was added “at all or most of the events and rallies I have been to since antifa has taken over the streets months ago.”

I asked her if anyone she knew at these gatherings were racists or fascists.

I have to say no, to my knowledge. Proud boys came out to the mother of all Back the Blue rallies, where they said both sides clashed a couple Saturdays ago. Again, completely untrue. We were doing our usual flag waving thing until they started doing to us what they do to the cops every night.

We were supposed to have a black female speaker at that rally, but again, because she’s a conservative and doesn’t fit their political ideology and antifa/BLM, whilst chanting black lives matter, threw a bottle full of urine over her and she ended up standing with our group in her bra. So absolutely, no, I have seen no racism or fascism from anyone at any of the rallies or events I’ve been to from our side.

The cop said antifa and BLM riots are not about race politics. They’re about power and intimidation. It sounds like Democratic leaders, who make excuses for the riots and raise bail for the rioters, are the most intimidated of all.

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