'The Five' Absolutely Sets Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler On Fire – Just Like His City

YouTube screenshot (Fox News)

The cast of Fox News Channel’s The Five carefully loaded a slingshot with a verbal ball bearing* and aimed it straight at the head of Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler for his handling of the city’s weeks-long riots.


Portland has just suffered through Night 70 of riots Friday with yet another “mass gathering” outside a government building in east Portland. Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators threw rocks, eggs, IEDs, and professional strength fireworks at police. Lasers were used to blind officers.

Former presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino said Wheeler was deliberately blurring the line between civil society and anarchy by allowing antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters to maraud around town.

Wheeler’s Zoom news conference this week calling on the rioters to stop it because they were helping President Trump’s reelection efforts was “much too little, much too late,” in the words of Perino.

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Former federal prosecutor and retired Congressman Trey Gowdy said, “the problem with anarchy is eventually you’re going to run into a law that needs to be enforced.”

“Where is that line supposed to be?” he asked plaintively. Greg Gutfeld provided an answer in his typically sardonic style.

Anyone can see that line. It’s called violence. It’s called destruction of property.

Gutfeld said Wheeler has given the violence a pass.


So basically it’s his denial that perpetuated this evil that’s created this mess. Even The New York Times has admitted they were wrong. I wish this was a we can swear day because – argh – I really want to swear. That mayor … that mayor … if you look up “pile of crap” in the dictionary you find Ted Wheeler’s face right there because he is legitimately a pile of crap for abdicating his moral spine, his leadership which has allowed all of this to happen.

Democrat Juan Williams struggled to adequately explain why Wheeler has just now tried to stop the rioting.

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He gave Wheeler a pass and said he didn’t see a left-right divide.

Gowdy clapped back that waiting for attempted murder is a long time to wait to do something or condemn it.

I mean you have to jump over a lot of crimes: arson and assault to get to attempted murder. Where was the criticism 30 days or 45 days ago? I mean, everybody is against murder for the most part. How about the other stuff leading up to it.

Watch it for yourself.

*A weapon used by antifa with actual ball bearings intended to maim or kill

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