'This Is America!' Locked Down California Mayor Plans 'Protest' – a July 4th Fireworks Show

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The mayor of Lancaster, Calif., is taking Independence Day quite seriously. He’s defying state COVID-19 lockdown orders to hold a fireworks show for his town.


And, “the only thing that will stop it is handcuffs.”

God bless America!

Recent rioting, looting, and protests from tens of thousands of antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters were not only not quelled but even lauded by California state and local elected officials in the name of political back-scratching.

The riots and protests over the death of George Floyd – on the other side of the country – led to an increase in coronavirus cases among younger people. There’s been no corresponding uptick in the death rate from the disease, however.

As a result, the very same people who expressed little to no concern about coronavirus spread for protesting a police killing on the other side of America instantly ordered more lockdowns on law-abiding citizens in California.

All of a sudden, beaches, parks, and trails were closed. Bars were closed. Governor Gavin Newsom went back to ordering people not to sing in church, if they must attend at all.

And then, the one thing that could have united all Americans, Independence Day fireworks, was canceled. The one thing that everyone of every political stripe and background could enjoy together in this era of divisiveness – canceled.

The mayor of Lancaster had seen enough.

This is America!

Mayor Rex Parris saw the double standard and irony and saw an opportunity.

This is America! This is our birthday, and it is the worst year that we have ever experienced. We have had more things smack us in the nose than we could ever imagine.

Considering that the mayor’s previous claim to fame was not being a local folk hero, but looking like Colonel Sanders, this was a different and bolder move for him.


Seriously though, since illegal protests seem to be the only thing approved by state officials, the Republican mayor, who’s a trial lawyer and benefactor decided to hold a legal one.

He pulled a permit for a “protest” from the city of Lancaster and is holding the fireworks extravaganza Saturday night.

Furthermore, he issued a throwdown to local and state health officials –demanding they prove, with science and data, that a drive-up fireworks show is unsafe.

Dissent is American

KABC TV reports that the mayor believes one or two big fireworks shows watched by people in their cars are safer than people gathering in their backyards and setting off illegal fireworks.

Lancaster’s show is traditionally staged at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, but state officials have retracted its permit to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Parris is working on alternatives. He is seeking a protest permit from the health department which would categorize the gathering as a demonstration. Another option is to stage two shows in east and west Lancaster at city-owned property.

The mayor says a public display will divert people from clustering in their neighborhoods and setting off illegal fireworks.

He’s hoping his fireworks shows won’t attract a bunch of people from out of town, but if they come they need to know that masks are required. “We’re absolutely draconian about it,” says the mayor.


The LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby canceled all permits for fireworks due to the Wuhan, China-derived virus, so Parris isn’t asking for a fireworks permit. He’s getting a permit to demonstrate and protest and holding the drive-up fireworks displays on city-owned land.

Let’s see if law enforcement brings the handcuffs and comes to arrest him on Independence Day in America.

But instead of handcuffing him, everyone who loves America should be standing up and cheering for Mayor Rex Parris.

Give that man a ‘dog and a beer.


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