Uh-Oh: Violent Antifa Activist Crossed State Lines to Riot

(Multnomah County Sheriff)

They call it crossing state lines and Portland and Seattle violent antifa mob members have been doing it for years.

If Portland police indicate they’re cracking down on the May Day violence, antifa activists go to Seattle to destroy, riot and create mayhem. I-5 is filled with vans packed with brass-knuckled antifa trying to get from one city to the next.


And so it is with the so called “autonomous zone” in Seattle, or as Seattle radio host Todd Herman calls it, “Antifastan.” And that’s exactly what it is. Antifa and its Black Lives Matter allies are nested together in the place called CHAZ or CHOP because … George Floyd. Or is it now because of the upcoming election? Defunding the police? As each day goes on the rationale gets murkier.

But the Department of Justice shows it’s now willing will prosecute antifa for moving across state lines for rioting.

As I reported days ago, on June 10 the Department of Justice indicted dozens of rioters including “two Pennsylvania men for traveling to Cleveland” to commit acts of violence.

Among the crimes being pursued are:

  • Crossing state lines for purposes of riot
  • Throwing Molotov cocktails
  • Torching cop cars
  • Looting gun stores and pharmacies
  • Online threats against cops
  • Arson
  • Shining lasers in eyes of police helicopter pilots
  • Bringing guns to a riot

Portland-to-Seattle Antifa Pipeline

So imagine my surprise when on Monday, June 15, as I watched Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News,  I saw this guy talking about committing acts of violence from Seattle’s Antifastan.

You may not know this face, but I do.


Portland Police know him too.

(Multnomah County District Attorney)

Luis Marquez is a multiple-times arrestee in the once-bucolic City of Roses. Now he’s working with Rose City Antifa and their plentiful allies to destroy it.

He was in Seattle and told a videographer with The Blaze that “the only time we are heard is when we burn sh*t down and if white America doesn’t want to get it right, then they are going to see more burning, more looting.”

Sounds like he may have some first-hand experience with this—and he does. His rap sheet includes disorderly conduct and harassment at antifa riots.

Here’s Marquez assaulting and holding a street preacher against his will at Seattle’s Antifastan.

Then later, from Portland, he urged violence against right-leaning activist Joey Gibson, who leads a group called “Patriot Prayer,” a group that formed to counteract antifa. “Boost” him, like they did the street preacher.


This is Marquez beating a reporter on the same day reporter Andy Ngo was beaten by antifa and sent to the hospital. This is antifa’s MO – target videographers so they never show antifa for the thugs they really are.

Marquez got together with now-Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, touting a book about antifa.

Marquez sure gets around. So does the radical Ellison. When he posted this photo, Ellison said that he hoped antifa scared President Trump.

Keith Ellison claims that there was no evidence of antifa involvement in anything having to do with Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Ellison’s son has also declared his undying support for antifa.


In the first round of indictments by U.S. attorneys following the Minneapolis riots, and copycat ones across the country, there was one Tacoma indictment, but none from Seattle or Portland – ground zero for antifa.

Why do you suppose that is?

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