Report: Antifa Sets Up Mafia-Like Shakedown Racket In Seattle 'No Cop' Zone

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

As if antifa’s takeover of the Seattle East Police Precinct and the surrounding areas wasn’t frightening – and galling – enough, now it’s being reported that the violent leftist enterprise has set up a Chicago-mob-style shakedown or extortion racket. Protection rackets can’t be far behind.


The mayor removed the cops from the area on Monday. Soon, antifa and protesters set up the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). Now it appears, a “warlord” of sorts has taken over the zone.

A shakedown racket goes something like this. A business owner wants to do, uh, business. A gang or mob comes on the scene and tells the business owners that it would be in their best interest to give the mob what they want. In a simple shakedown, the mobsters just take what they want.

In a protection racket, which usually follows, the antifa mafia says to the owner, “it sure would be a shame if anything happened to your business,” followed by, “I can guarantee your business is safe – as long as you pay me a regular fee.”

You can look at it as an extortion scam, or, as this fellow believes, it’s just a Robin Hood-like move from “a place of more privilege to less privilege and deemed righteously woke” – at the point of a gun or a can of kerosene and a match, that is.

A hypothetical example of such a scam might be a group of unions telling a large company that the union needs to be given the job of overseeing the safety of workers during a pandemic, for example, or bad things might happen.

Cops Are Bad, Antifa Warlords Are Good


Naw, antifa and its far-left comrades would never do that. They’re a force for good, right?

Just because they’ve traded the fedoras, godfathers, and Tommy Guns for masks, warlords, and semi-automatics, it doesn’t make the far-left group any less a continuing criminal enterprise than the Gambino family.

Reporter Andy Ngo says the antifa mob is running the shakedown racket in the so-called “autonomous zone” where the City of Seattle has ceded the East Police Precinct on Capitol Hill to the mob.

Sources tell me there are those in the #CapitalHillAutonomousZone who are “shaking down” businesses by asking them to contribute supplies or resources. When there was the occupation in Portland in 2018, they threatened a food cart that wouldn’t give them electricity access.

Occupy Up Twinkles and Antifa Molotov Cocktails


Ironically, and, it goes without saying, hypocritically, antifa, Black Lives Matter, radicals and other allies have chased out official Seattle institutions, such as cops, and replaced them with – wait for it – cop-like overseers or warlords, as my PJ Media colleague Bryan Preston discovered. Put another way, according to Ngo, they’ve got themselves a hierarchical social structure.

Occupy-like up-twinkles can’t be far behind.

And, like Occupy, the people at the no-cop zone “must respect the space” as that flyer in the tweet below admonishes. You mean like those admonishments such as no looting, arson, murder – those admonishments that we call, hmmm, what’s that word? Oh, yes, laws. Those?

Antifa will totally do that.

Despite the fact that antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their allies have left mostly broken glass, bereft shop owners, and arsons behind, My Northwest reports they take great pride in collecting their own garbage.

Reporting early in the afternoon Tuesday, Nicole also described free food and medical aid available for demonstrators on every corner. Some food and supplies were also distributed to the homeless population in the surrounding area. The group even reportedly organized its own garbage collection Wednesday morning.

The Seattle mayor has been boasting that the city has been picking up after the law breakers, but sure, do go on, antifa.


Beside Ngo’s information, this message below by “Marcus S” could be a real example of what’s going on there. There’s plenty of psy-ops involved in the antifa world, so you never really know.

The supposed business owner claims that six antifa militants asked for $500 to “finance community security and protection.” They’ll take cash or bitcoin, thank-you-very-much. The person claimed, “Even $500 is going to be a hit for us as we only just reopened but I’d rather pay than ask for trouble.”

If true, that’s an extortion and protection racket.

No cops, protection rackets and shakedown schemes … the Godfather would be so proud. And so should their godmother, Mayor Jenny Durkan. What a loser.

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