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Hmmm. An Amazon Warehouse Is Burned to the Ground in LA.

Hmmm. An Amazon Warehouse Is Burned to the Ground in LA.
Amazon warehouse fire. Screenshot from video.

Fire coverage is not necessarily our thing here at PJMedia, but you’ll probably want to watch this space because we don’t want this to go down the nation’s collective memory hole.

A warehouse used by Amazon was burned to the ground Friday morning in Redlands, CA.

A fire spokesman told KABC in a live interview than 100 people were working at the time the fire broke out at 5:30 Friday morning. Everyone got out of the building safely.

The enormous, one million square foot warehouse, that according to live TV news reports was only leased by Amazon, featured delivery bays in the back with trucks featuring the Amazon logos. Other delivery services used by Amazon were also parked in the shipping and receiving area near the service bays.

Amazon is a Frequent Target of the Left

Millions of dollars of larger items sold by Amazon, such as awkwardly shaped kayaks and furniture were kept in the warehouse, according to reports.

The fire is still being fought at the writing. Firefighters are in a defensive stance, trying to stop it from spreading to nearby businesses or touch the semi-tractor trailer trucks in the shipping department.

While this could have been something completely accidental, you should know, if you don’t already, that Amazon has been targeted by Leftist groups throughout the years and especially recently.

This same Amazon fulfillment center was hit fire in 2018. An Amazon employee was arrested for it.

Amazon has been designated a target by unions and other Leftist groups for not being unionized. The media have been targeting Amazon for what they claim is failing to protect employees during COVID-19.


Considering that some of the same people have been burning down buildings, defacing monuments, killing and rioting in America right now, the timing of this fire looks suspicious.

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