NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Blasted for Taking 'Non-Essential' Chauffeured Trip ... to Take a Walk


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has shown himself to be pretty clueless during the coronavirus crisis.

First, he recommended people go to movies in early March, then, when he finally came to and realized people were getting sick and dying, he shut everything down, including gyms and those movie theaters.


Of course, that didn’t stop de Blasio from enjoying a chauffeur-driven trip to the gym himself. Don’t you know who he is?

On Saturday, de Blasio was back to his specialty of none for thee and all for me by taking another chauffeured ride across town to Brooklyn where he and his wife enjoyed a stroll in Prospect Park after a 22-minute ride.

The New York Post reports that de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray were spotted on the walk by Twitter user Darren Goldner, who scolded the pair.

Goldner reminded the pair that they actually live in Carl Schurz Park where Gracie Mansion is located.

“Seriously, you guys have a park. You live in the middle of a park. You don’t need to non-essentially travel to Brooklyn,” Twitter user Darren Goldner says, referencing Carl Schurz Park near Gracie Mansion, in a clip posted to Twitter Saturday.

Hizzoner responds, “C’mon guys give it a break,” as he and the first lady continue to walk away.

“I’m not going to give it a break. This is selfish behavior,” Goldner shouts to the backs of the mayor and McCray. “This is so terribly selfish. You call yourself a progressive, but you chauffeur yourself to Brooklyn. You force people to drive you.”

It’s not the first time de Blasio and McCray have been spotted walking in Prospect Park since the coronavirus pandemic started.


We recognize that the mayor needs to keep tabs on what’s happening in the city over which he presides, but you do have to ask, whatever happened to “we’re all in this together”?

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