No, It's Not the 'Corona Beer Virus.' Lawd.

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The makers of Corona beer aren’t laughing at the fact that its top brand shares a name with the coronavirus, otherwise known at COVID-19. And they’re really not happy that their hard seltzer, bearing the Corona name, is set to be launched at a time when a frightfully high number of people say they won’t buy Corona.



We’re sorry to report that CNN Business has found “38% of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona beer under any circumstances because of the coronavirus.”

Let us be clear: Corona Beer has NOTHING to do with the coronavirus.

Bloomberg reports that there’s been an increase in the number of online searches for “‘corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ show the Mexican beer hasn’t been able to escape the association. The so-called purchase intent among adults in the U.S. has plunged to the lowest in two years, according to data from YouGov Plc.”

As you may expect there were some suggestions by people online for how to proceed following disclosure of this information.

Let’s head them off at the pass. Never should there ever be a “Guinnessvirus.”


No, no, no! We shouldn’t laugh at this meme that crosses coronavirus with Lyme disease. That would be wrong.

We agree: that 38 % of people should not be trusted to choose the next president.

That’ll about cover it.

Grab a Corona, squeeze a lime in it, and enjoy this weekend.




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