The Numbers Are in and MSM Coverage of Impeachment Shows 100% Negative Coverage for Trump

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President Trump’s attorneys did everything wrong. Trump did nothing right. Plus reporters don’t like him or his attorneys. Also, the sun came up today.


Those are the results of the latest assessment by NewsBusters of the main broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, in their coverage of the opening arguments of the impeachment trial. OK, they didn’t actually assess whether the sun came up or not but their negative coverage is nearly as predictable.

NewsBusters, an arm of the Media Research Center, determined that Democrats presenting articles of impeachment were given “double the airtime and showered their arguments with mostly praise, while expressing only criticism of the President’s legal team.”

Democrats received 95% favorable coverage while there was 100% negative coverage for the Trump team:

In stark contrast, every evaluative statement from reporters and anchors about the merits and effectiveness of Trump’s defense team were negative. Of the 13 total statements, ABC and CBS each had five with NBC pitching in with three.

Of the one negative thing said about the Democrats – one – was NBC’s Chuck Todd complaining that Democrats weren’t able to arm-twist Republicans into approving new witnesses:


The lone negative evaluation for Democrats came from NBC News political director Chuck Todd on Saturday, January 25, when he shared his frustrations with how the managers seemed to be unable to convince Senate Republicans to vote for more witnesses:

You don’t really any shifts. And if anything, I think before this trial began, I thought they had a good shot at getting witnesses and maybe at least extending this a little bit … I think it’s pretty clear that Mitch McConnell has convinced them … it’s not worth it.”

So even a negative comment seemingly against the Democrats was actually a comment against Trump. And twice as much time was devoted to those negative comments:

Media Research Center

MRC notes that though the media were demanding Republican senators remain objective in the trial, “it was clearly more of a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ suggestion.”


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