Canada Touts How 'Assisted Suicide' Is Providing Human Spare Parts. So Hurry Up and Die, Already.

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The death-cult bankrolled by George Soros promised us when they pushed “assisted suicide” that there’d be no killing people for spare parts. But Ottawa, Canada, just gave up the game.


The Ottawa Citizen newspaper puts some pretty, pretty pink lipstick on the correlation between doctors committing “assisted suicide” and the sudden plethora of spare human body parts for those needing organ transplants.

The headline tells it all: “Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.”

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The story begins with how virtuous Canadians are who “off” themselves with a doctor’s help:

“Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD) are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives by also including organ and tissue donation as part of their final wishes.

In the first 11 months of 2019, MAiD patients in the province accounted for 18 organ and 95 tissue donors, a 14 per cent increase over 2018 and a 109 per cent increase over 2017. (Figures for December 2019 are not yet available.)” [Emphasis added]

That’s what you call a cause and effect:

Canada decriminalized doctors killing terminal patients in 2016. The spokesman for the organization in charge of organ donation, Trillium’s Ronnie Gavsie, told the Citizen they’re not forcing anyone into donating organs:


“…The decision to pursue MAiD is totally separate from the decision to donate organs, but we do want patients to have their last will carried out.”


Indeed, terminal patients are actually changing their lives around to die right:

“There are several patients we’ve spoken to who had initially planned to die at home, but that wasn’t as important to them as helping other people.”

Dying in the hospital, instead of surrounded by family at home, which originally was a key sales pitch for “death with dignity,” is now giving way to “leaving a legacy” of spare body parts – with a surgeon only steps away. For convenience, you understand.

And the Canadian government has cleared away any legal jetsam that could get in the way of the dying person donating organs, such as pesky family member objections:

“Dr. Sam Shemie, Canadian Blood Services’ medical adviser for deceased donations, notes, too, that MAiD donors bring first-person informed consent, releasing their families from having to make such decisions at possibly the worst emotional time, when a loved one might be comatose following a tragic illness or accident.” [Emphasis added]

As an added sales point, killing yourself at the right time allows Trillium to find an organ match. Hey, but no hurry.


Oh, sure, there were ethical considerations, but dying patients clamoring to give away their organs overcame any objections bioethicists had:

“From a national lens, we said, ‘Boy, to mix organ donation into this is just volatile. We really should stay away from it,’” he recalls. “But the problem was that patients were asking for it. And so we said that, if that’s what patients want, if that’s what they’re asking for, particularly in the situation where they’re making independent, autonomous decisions about their own future, then we need to provide guidance to the community about how to do this properly: medically, legally, ethically.”

“Independent” “autonomous” decisions? That reminds me of something besides selling baby body parts.  What is it…? Sounds like …

There may be people reading this right now thinking, “They want to kill themselves. Someone else needs an organ, what’s the big deal?” Ethics, that’s what. Valuing human life in the public sphere, that’s what.

In the U.S. we were told that death with dignity was supreme. They smiled and lied. We just didn’t know how fast the slide toward inhumanity would take.


Here we are.

Before long we’ll be organ-shaming people. Public pressure will be put on people who may be terminal – but who selfishly want to live longer – to hurry up and kill themselves to provide spare parts for someone who has more value to society.

As the Trillium spokesman puts it, “Not only are they dying with dignity and at a time of their choice, but they’re leaving a legacy.”

This Twitter user put it in a pithier, slightly different way:

Right in one.


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