Stop What You're Doing & Watch This Video of a Spec-Ops Dog Training to Take Down ISIS

Belgian Malinois (YouTube/Screenshot)

Ever since Conan the hero dog was credited with taking down the leader of terror group ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and helping to make him the deceased leader of ISIS, people have been fascinated by the Belgian Malinois, the breed of dog used frequently by special forces.


Terrorist-hating and dog-loving Americans – yes, you can be both – loved it when President Trump invited Conan to the White House.

Women were thrilled when it was reported that Conan was a girl. But then we later found out that Conan is a boy. Apparently, no one wanted to get close enough to the terrorist-kicking badass to check under the hood.

The media were scandalized that the president retweeted a photoshop of him gracing Conan with a medal.

Conan accompanied a special operations force, chasing al-Baghdadi into a dead-end tunnel to trap him. The terror leader murdered his kids and killed himself when he detonated a suicide vest. Conan suffered an injury in the raid.


President Trump labeled the pup, “Prime time. Ultimate fighter. Ultimate everything.”

The president was more right than he knew. Conan, and other dogs like him, train like the elite athletes they are.

This eye-bulging training video was circulating on Twitter today. You’ll want to stop everything and show it to people. The full video’s below.

No wonder Trump said, “Conan is a tough cookie. Nobody is going to mess with Conan.”


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