Works and Days

Silly words for silly people.
It would be hypocrisy for college football to survive liberal demands for racial diversity, proportional representation due to disparate impact, and zero-tolerance for sexual assault.
Obama and his MSM operatives live in a world of fable.
A reading from the Book of Saul: making sense of the arcane arts of the community organizer.
What are Trump’s politics? Like Napoleon’s, no one quite knows, beyond an equally burning desire to make his nation “great again.”
"Certainly we do not need a disproportionate response to Herr Hitler that initiates a cycle of violence on both sides. We need to tamp down the rhetoric.”
To better advance their causes, liberals should follow these modest Ten Commandments to live the rather "progressive" lives that they advocate for the rest of us.
Who knows; the only mystery left is how much damage will the last gasp of 2016 bring?
Ahmed the clockmaker and Columbia’s Mattress Girl are reminders that there are careerist advantages to becoming a victim of religious, racial, or sexual prejudice.
Plus some thoughts on Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, and the damage inflicted upon American culture by the Frankfurt School.
The cult of the whining victim is now ubiquitous.
Exploring the many reasons why the slogan “Black Lives Matter” will be gone within a year. What will replace it?