Works and Days

Her disastrous 2016 primary campaign so far seems more disastrous than her disastrous 2008 campaign.
21st century California is no place for the middle class.
If the Obama administration can’t carry a big stick, then at least it should quit egging on those it cannot or will not deter.
Before his final SoTU address, Obama met with rapper whose album cover features a dead judge in front of the White House.
21st century immigration policy has forgotten the old rules and become illiberal and tribal.
Five examples of how postmodern do-gooders could help the nation in 2016.
No other president has so consciously divided the country by race since Woodrow Wilson.
If a Republican is the next president, what will the MSM do, should the next chief executive follow the Obama modus operandi?
Obama is the most anti-science, anti-factual president in modern memory.
Cry-bully Obama worshippers devour their elders.
Could conservatives be doing any more to undermine higher learning’s reputation than today’s far left students and faculty?
Silly words for silly people.