'GOD BLESS ABORTIONS': Activists Vandalize Jesus Statue, Calling Abortion a 'Miracle'

Instagram screenshot of abortion banner on Jesus statue.

In the middle of the night last Thursday, abortion activists scaled a 65-foot statue of Jesus Christ, rappelling up the statue in order to hang a 44-foot banner across the statue’s outstretched arms. The activists posted photos of the banner on Instagram.


The activist group responsible, Indecline, condemned the evangelical Christian culture behind many pro-life laws as “a cheap, performative morality,” declaring that legislators see a woman’s body as a place, “private property to be legislated by a group of landlords.”

Then the activist group made the absurd claim that Jesus would have supported the killing of babies in the womb because He “understood sacrifice very intimately.” He laid down His life to redeem His enemies, so He’d support the killing of innocent unborn babies or something.

“We think Jesus would understand the concept of a difficult decision. He supposedly had to make a few of them and understood sacrifice very intimately,” Indecline argued. “The Christ of the Ozarks is visible from miles away, so we just treated it like a billboard.”

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Tellingly, the abortion group rejected both the terms “pro-choice” and “anti-life” as “double-speak.” Then the activists presented their credo: “We just think abortion is a goddamn miracle worth celebrating. It saves lives, but those lives are usually female.”



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Abortion may make some women’s lives more convenient, but any lives it may “save” are incidental — by definition, it involves the destruction of one child in the womb, a baby who has a complete set of individual human DNA and who develops a heartbeat very quickly in the womb.

Jesus does very much understand hard decisions and sacrifices — He laid down His life to offer salvation to everyone who believes in Him. That does not mean He supports the killing of human beings — the destruction of the Image of God — in the name of “sacrifice,” however. He died once for all, and He stood by the Ten Commandments, one of which expressly forbids murder. Following His teachings, the early church condemned abortion from the outset, rushing to save the babies that the ancient Romans left outside to die.

Abortion is the exact opposite of a miracle — it involves the intentional, heartless destruction of a human person, ending her potential before she even takes her first breath. God does not bless abortions, although He does offer redemption for the women who decided to kill the life within them. Even the heinous evil of abortion does not place someone outside the power of God’s grace, so long as she repents and believes.


A local tree service helped remove the abortion banner from the statue.

Kent Butler, director of operations at The Great Passion Play, the Christian organization that manages the Christ of the Ozarks Statue, told The Christian Post that God may use the vandalism for good.

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“It was all about [Indecline] getting attention to expand their platform, but our pivot really is that it’s about Jesus,” Butler told CP. “This whole place exists to lift up Jesus. And at times what was intended for evil, in Genesis 50, it says ‘what was intended for evil God used for good.’ And I think it’s important that the attention be given to work that’s going on in the Passion Play rather than the political environment that they’re trying to impact.”



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