[WATCH] Hunter Biden Hides From Journalist Asking About 'The Big Guy'

YouTube screenshot of Phelim McAleer asking Hunter Biden about "The Big Guy" (The Ann & Phelim Scoop)

Investigative journalist Phelim McAleer, a documentary filmmaker who exposed abortionist Kermit Gosnell and who is producing the film My Son Hunter, traveled to the Venice, Calif., home of President Joe Biden’s surviving son, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden has done multiple softball interviews regarding his memoir. McAleer attempted to ask Hunter Biden questions about his emails, but the president’s son avoided him.


“Hunter Biden refuses to answer any serious questions about the allegations against him,” McAleer said in a press release on Monday. “Instead, he relies on softball questions and coverups from the mainstream media to carry his lies and the ridiculous claim that he doesn’t remember if the laptop is his.”

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“It’s funny that someone who claims to forget everything about his scandals has the ability to write a memoir. Hunter may not have answered us today but we will be back and we will have our questions answered,” McAleer added.

Earlier this month, McAleer traveled to Hunter Biden’s mansion in Venice (a suburb of Los Angeles) and rang the doorbell. After a voice that appears to have been Hunter’s answered over the intercom, a Secret Service agent jumped out of a car parked near the mansion and told McAleer that the president’s son would not be taking any of his questions, even though Hunter was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live that very night.

“I’m here to ask him some questions,” McAleer told the Secret Service agent. “Who are you sir?”


“I work with Secret Service. We’re not gonna be taking any questions,” the agent replied.

“He’s not gonna take any questions. He’s not going to come down, so… you can stay as long as you want, but he’s not gonna come down and answer any questions,” the agent repeated.

In an effort to skirt Secret Service and get Hunter Biden’s attention, McAleer took a boat on the Venice canals that run alongside Hunter’s mansion.

McAleer held up a sign reading, “Hunter, is this ‘The Big Guy'”?

The journalist was referring to emails from a laptop that appears to have belonged to Hunter Biden and testimony from former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski suggesting that Joe Biden himself took a cut of his son’s lucrative deals with foreign governments, including China. A May 13, 2017, email discussing the allocation of equity in a Chinese deal mentioned that “10 percent [was to be] held by H for the Bug Guy.”

“In that email, there’s no question that H stands for Hunter, Big Guy for his father, Joe Biden, and Jim for Jim Biden,” Bobulinski explained.

“On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement was not to be mentioned in writing but only face-to-face. In fact, I was advised by Gillier and Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret,” the former associate recalled.


The emails surfaced and Bobulinski spoke out during the 2020 election, but Big Tech and the legacy media worked to bury the story, falsely claiming it was misinformation. Studies after the election suggested that if Biden voters had known about the story, they would not have voted for Joe Biden and Donald Trump would likely have won the 2020 election.

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While some of McAleer’s tactics may seem desperate, the journalist is asking important questions. Hunter Biden’s refusal to answer them is damning.


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