Biden's Inauguration Won't Bring America Back to Normal

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Much as I wanted President Donald Trump to win reelection, it seems increasingly evident that Joe Biden won the election on November 3. Trump has repeatedly insisted that he really won, but when his campaign had the chance to present evidence in court, it chose to demur. While Biden likely won beyond the margin of fraud, serious questions about the election remain, and when Joe Biden becomes president next month, his inauguration will not usher in a return to pre-Trump normalcy.

While President Trump’s record on a whole host of issues proved far superior to that of Barack Obama, Trump’s presidency has been exhausting, and 2020 seemed determined to make everything worse. Every day seems to bring a fresh controversy between Trump and the legacy media, Trump and some kind of “expert” or other, or Trump and corporate America. The president has been on the right side of many of these controversies, but the endless stream of them is enough to drive America crazy.

I can sympathize with Americans who pulled the lever for Joe Biden — an aged hypocrite whose family appears to have traded on his name to get rich while helping America’s enemies — because they wanted the controversy to end. Some people might prefer a president who stays in his basement after four years of Trump.

Yet I’m afraid I must be a broken record yet again: Biden won’t return America to normal. He will enter office tainted and his administration will reopen the floodgates for the Left’s culture war insanity that Trump struggled to hold at bay.

Many Americans believe that the election was substantially flawed — even “stolen.” According to two national polls from CBS News and Fox News, the substantial majority of Republicans and between 35 percent and 40 percent of all voters say that the election was stolen. This represents over 60 million Americans.

Worse, a Media Research Center (MRC) survey asked Americans who voted for Biden whether or not they would have changed their vote had they heard about one of eight pro-Trump or anti-Biden news stories that the mainstream media buried. A whopping 17 percent of Biden voters said they would have changed their votes if they had known about Biden’s sexual assault allegations, the Hunter Biden scandal, the fact that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) had ranked as the most liberal senator, or Trump’s record on economic growth (33 percent in one quarter), job creation, Middle East peace, American energy independence, or Operation Warp Speed.

In other words, the legacy media effectively stole the election by burying positive news about Trump and suppressing real news that would have reflected negatively on Joe Biden. This does not represent fraud — real Americans cast real votes based on bad information — but it does represent journalistic malpractice with serious electoral consequences.

The Hunter Biden scandal is arguably the worst aspect of this. While the Biden family appears to have traded on Joe Biden’s famous name and public office for many years (the FBI investigated Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2007 for just this sort of “Delaware Way” soft corruption), Hunter Biden took the influence-peddling to a new level.

Hunter Biden joined the board of the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gas firm Burisma in 2014, even though he lacked any experience in the gas industry or in Ukraine. However, Joe Biden did serve as the Obama administration’s point person on Ukraine. The then-vice president even bragged about using a quid pro quo to force Ukraine’s president to fire a prosecutor who claimed he was investigating Burisma. (Biden has insisted that he angled for the ouster because the prosecutor was corrupt, but the connection is still suspicious.)

Hunter Biden also made bank by entering into deals with Chinese firms connected to the Chinese Communist Party. He helped a Chinese military contractor buy an American parts manufacturer. He invested in a company that the CCP eventually used to monitor and conrol the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. He helped China dominate the rare-earth minerals market. These and other deals enriched Hunter Biden arguably at America’s expense.

It is terrifyingly likely that the incoming president is compromised by the People’s Republic of China. If ever there was a situation for a special counsel investigation, it seems this would be it, yet Attorney General Bill Barr has said he sees no need for such an investigation.

America is also struggling with a few very destructive Leftist movements, perhaps most notably transgenderism and Marxist critical race theory. Biden’s incoming presidency will likely endorse these dangerous movements.

Transgenderism promotes the idea that men who identify as women must be accepted as women (and vice versa). On this basis, activists have pushed legal endorsement of biologically false identities, the opening of women’s private spaces to biological men (including changing rooms and sports), and public funding for experimental surgeries that have left people scarred for life. Many transgender people later grow to regret their transgender identities, and lament permanently damaging their own bodies. Biden endorsed transgender identities and activism for children as young as eight.

Marxist critical race theory arguably enflamed the George Floyd riots this summer. This ideology encourages activists to reexamine every aspect of American society, looking for “systemic” racist oppression. This encourages an aimless revolution that has victimized the black community. The destruction disproportionately hit black communities in Kenosha, Wisc.Minneapolis, and Chicago. The riots destroyed black livesblack livelihoods, and black monuments. At least 26 Americans have died in the riots, most of them black.

For these and other reasons, many black leaders have denounced the official Black Lives Matter movement, the founders of which have described themselves as “trained Marxists.” Over 100 black pastors recently condemned the Black Lives Matter movement and urged Nike to distance itself from it.

Yet Biden is likely to champion this ideology in the federal government, reversing Trump’s efforts to counter it.

Finally, Biden’s age is a serious concern, and his choice of running mate is terrifying. Kamala Harris has a record of silencing dissent journalists who exposed alleged Planned Parenthood wrongdoing, rushing to celebrate same-sex marriage and demonizing those who disagree with it, and spreading blatant lies about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A Biden presidency won’t feature endless controversies between the legacy media and the president. It won’t feature Trump’s endless exaggerations. But it will begin with serious legitimacy questions and it will likely supercharge dangerous social experiments that Trump held at bay. Finally, it portends the rise of a truly terrifying leftist ideologue who is not afraid to abuse her authority to silence conservatives.

We’re in for a tough four years.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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