UK Health Official: Coronavirus Crisis Will Last a YEAR, Ebb in Summer, 'Come Back in November'

Kirkland Fire and Rescue ambulance workers walk back to a vehicle after a patient was loaded into an ambulance, Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Wash., near Seattle. The nursing home is at the center of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Washington state. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Britain’s coronavirus outbreak will likely last an entire year and hospitalize up to 7.9 million people, according to a secret briefing for National Health Service (NHS) officials. A new wave of infections is likely to come in November, just in time to impact the U.S. presidential election if America follows Britain.


According to the secret document, obtained exclusively by The Guardian, “As many as 80% of the population are expected to be infected with Covid-19 in the next 12 months, and up to 15% (7.9 million people) may require hospitalization.”

The document also reveals that Britain’s health service cannot cope with the sheer number of people with symptoms, so only the very seriously ill who are already in the hospital and people in care homes and prisons where the coronavirus has been detected will get tested. Even NHS staff will not be swabbed, despite their role in the crisis.

The long-term effects of the crisis may terrify people in Britain and across the globe.

“For the public to hear that it could last for 12 months, people are going to be really upset about that and pretty worried about that,” Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia and a specialist in epidemiology, told The Guardian.

Hunter explained that while the crisis may last a year, it will come in waves or stages — and a repeat wave will likely come in November, just in time to impact the U.S. presidential election.

“A year is entirely plausible. But that figure isn’t well appreciated or understood,” he explained. “I think it will dip in the summer, towards the end of June, and come back in November, in the way that usual seasonal flu does. I think it will be around forever, but become less severe over time, as immunity builds up.”


As of Monday morning, Britain has confirmed 1,391 cases of the virus and 350 deaths.

In the U.S., more than 3,700 people have tested positive for the COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus and at least 69 have died. While more than 169,000 people have caught the virus around the world, almost half have already recovered and the vast majority of cases remain mild.

Even so, if the coronavirus recurs in waves in the U.S. as predicted in Britain, and if a wave comes in November, that may bode ill for President Trump’s re-election. However, Trump’s decisive actions amid the crisis have saved lives and may help the president — and the left’s efforts to politicize the crisis may come back to bite his opponents. It certainly won’t help Democrats that Joe Biden chose a coronavirus advisor who told the elderly to avoid flu shots

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