Clowns: Times Square Billboard Mocks the 'Circus' the Democratic Party Has Become

YouTube screenshot of Democratic clowns Times Square billboard.

“Do you really trust these clowns?” So asks a new billboard going up on New York City’s Times Square this weekend. The video broadcast on the billboard was exclusively provided to PJ Media. The video ad mocks leaders in the Democratic Party by putting their heads on the bodies of clowns at a circus.


The “DC Clowns” circus show features “Crazy Joe Biden,” “Bernie Socialist Sanders,” “Nervous Nancy Pelosi,” “Shifty Adam Schiff,” “Wacky Elizabeth Warren,” “Lil Jerry Nadler,” and “Clueless Chuck Schumer.”

The Committee to Defend the President, a super PAC supporting President Donald Trump, launched the ad as part of a $40,000 ad buy.

“From the Democrats making fools of themselves on the campaign trail to those who foolishly sought to impeach President Trump, the Democratic Party is now a circus of epic proportions,” PAC Chairman Ted Harvey told PJ Media. “The Committee to Defend the President will continue to expose their foolishness and support President Trump, as he prepares to serve Americans for a second term.”

While it may seem undignified to mock the Democrats in this fashion, many of the figures in this ad have indeed beclowned themselves many times over.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for instance, rushed the impeachment of President Donald Trump, insisting that the House of Representatives had no time to defend its subpoenas against the president’s executive privilege in court. This led the House to add a second impeachment article — “obstruction of Congress.” Law professor Jonathan Turley famously called impeaching the president on these grounds an “abuse of power.” Yet weeks later when the House had passed the articles of impeachment, the very same Nancy Pelosi refused to send them over to the Senate, delaying the very process she insisted must be rushed to prevent Trump from threatening the 2020 election.


In a similar vein, House impeachment managers Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) argued that Trump’s executive privilege was an impeachable offense — when they had vociferously defended former President Barack Obama’s executive privilege after Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing documents in the “Fast & Furious” scandal.

Joe Biden has beclowned himself over and over and over on the campaign trail, from his infamous Silver Star story fabrication to his calling a New Hampshire voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” He began the New Hampshire Democratic debate last Friday by conceding he would likely lose, and then he shamefully skipped town on the night of the primary, leaving his campaign staff and volunteers in the lurch as he rushed down to South Carolina. I’m not sure “crazy” is a sufficiently offensive moniker.

As for Elizabeth Warren, it is certainly both “wacky” and clownish to present yourself as Native American for years, even getting touted by Harvard and published in a Cherokee cookbook, and then to insist you never received “any benefit” from the ruse whatsoever. Warren’s pie-in-the-sky “plans” for government takeovers of whole industries also received much-deserved derision last year.

Bernie Sanders may be the greatest clown of all. He’s more eloquent than Joe Biden and far more authentic than Elizabeth Warren, but his victory would represent the Soviets finally winning the Cold War against the U.S. While he firmly rejects the label now, he once didn’t mind being called a communist. He infamously honeymooned in the Soviet Union in the 1980s and worked with various Marxist political parties during his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He endorsed Socialist Workers Party candidates for president in the 1980s when that party was pointing to Soviet-aligned countries like Nicaragua and Cuba as inspirations for U.S. policy. His support for this party prompted an FBI investigation.


Democrats are terrified of having Bernie at the top of the ticket, but a Sanders nomination would be a fitting capstone for the Democratic Party’s increasing clownishness.

While Americans should be terrified of this party, Jack Dunphy pointed out that it’s healthy to have a laugh at some of the absurdity.

Watch the ad below.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.


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