British Mom Long-Targeted by Trans Activists Denied Entry to the U.S.

Twitter screenshot of Caroline Farrow, a British mother and journalist.

On Tuesday, a London airport refused to allow Caroline Farrow, a British mother of five and UK director of the pro-life group CitizenGo, to board her scheduled flight to Orlando. She had scheduled the trip in order to deliver a petition to Disney World in person and to speak at a conference. Farrow has long been a victim of harassment from transgender activists, and some of them tweeted statements that suggest they were responsible for the flight ban.


The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) had approved Farrow’s trip to the U.S. Yet when she arrived at the airport, an airline representative told her “Your ESTA has been denied,” the mother told LifeSiteNews. Various pieces of evidence suggest the transgender activists who have long harassed her coordinated to prevent her trip.

Earlier this month, when Farrow checked her ESTA status, one of her stalkers tweeted that she might be denied entry. He later tweeted about two active criminal complaints against her.

On Tuesday, she tweeted, “Today I go to check in and am told that my ESTA has been revoked. No prior warning was given. The airline & staff try to get me loads of embassy numbers and say this is unheard of and extremely rare.”

“It therefore looks like, having discovered that I am going to the U.S., 2 people file a police complaint last week, tip off the embassy or Homeland security and my ESTA is revoked,” Farrow tweeted. “The vindictive obsessive mentality is quite something to behold.”


These claims may sound like a conspiracy theory, but Farrow has indeed faced terrifying harassment — for expressing the view that biological men cannot become women and that transgender “treatments” can harm children. In April, she told PJ Media about the harassment and the local police response.

“I’ve just got a team of people, they seem to attach so much importance and so much weight to what I say and they’re just determined to shut down my point of view,” Farrow told PJ Media. “They feel that they can be as abusive as they like: they can target my family, target my children, and I deserve it because I’m full of ‘hate’ because I believe that men can’t become women.”

She recalled online harassment involving pictures of “enormous disgusting sex toys,” and repeated insults, referring to the journalist and mother as a c**t, hundreds of times over. Others have made thinly veiled threats of violence against her. A man who identifies as a woman who “has been convicted of hitting people in the head with a golf club,” told her “he’s coming around here for a game of golf — clear intimidation.”

One website “discusses whether or not to disfigure my face with acid and disfigure my children’s faces with acid,” she recalled.

The harassment did not stop with her. “They’ve gone after my husband, they’ve gone after my children, they’ve tried to identify my children’s schools, they’ve published our address, my husband’s private mobile number,” Farrow said. “They’re probably targeting the kids’ schools as well. They tried to target my husband’s bishop.”


“My ex-partner — we broke up 13 years ago — they found out his identity, they were publishing his name, his photograph, his employer’s details,” she added. Her ex-husband asked her, “Why are these people after me because they don’t like my ex-wife?”

“There are people who are obsessively, obsessively hating on me,” Farrow said. “They spew hatred and abuse and vitriol, and if you dare to call them back out on it they threaten you with police and sue you.”

She reported the threats to the police, and they did nothing. Later, the police called her to investigate her remarks after Susie Green, leader of a pro-transgender activist group, accused her of “misgendering” her child on Twitter.

Farrow’s harassers have hinted that they might be responsible for the denial of entry.

Dr. Adrian Harrop tweeted about the U.S. Embassy in London. “An absolutely spectacular building… and one of London’s great modern embassies… but honestly, I always did prefer the retro and kitsch qualities of Grosvenor Square… as always, consular staff very efficient at dealing with my… important diplomatic business,” he wrote.


Harrop has harassed those brave enough to speak out against transgender activism. In 2018, he pressured a billboard company into taking down a poster defining “woman” as “a human adult female,” and he accused Posey Parker of hate speech, a crime in Britain. Parker was permanently banned from Facebook last week.

Peter Ede, seemingly bragged about Farrow’s flight. “Ooooh this cold weather is getting me down. Anyone know somewhere warm/sunny this time of year? Is Florida nice?” he tweeted, with a forecast for Orlando. “It mustn’t be anywhere that being linked to a psycho right-wing extremist organisation will deny you entry to. Because people can make representations about such things. Apparently.”

Farrow is far from alone in facing harassment for her views on transgender identity, but this constant harassment is both disgusting and terrifying.

Where does this anger come from? Transgender activists seem to believe that acceptance and pride in a transgender identity is the only thing that will prevent people with gender dysphoria from committing suicide. This is daft, because men cannot become women, and medical “treatments” to confirm such an identity are similar to giving liposuction to an undernourished teen girl who thinks of herself as fat.

Many really do push transgender activism because they think it is the only way to save lives, but some seem to use this justification as an excuse to harass people who disagree with them.


The U.S. Embassy will likely drop the hold on Farrow’s travel, but not before ruining her travel plans.

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