Hillary Clinton Says Not Getting a Divorce Was the 'Gutsiest' Thing She's Ever Done

Hillary Clinton speaks during the TIME 100 Summit, in New York, Tuesday, April 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

On Tuesday morning, former First Lady Hillary Clinton said not getting a divorce from former President Bill Clinton was the “gustiest thing” she’s ever done, personally. Publicly and politically, she said the gutsiest thing she’s done is run for president.


“I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done … Personally, make the decision to stay in my marriage. Publicly, politically, run for president,” Clinton said at an event for her latest book. She co-wrote The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience with her daughter, Chelsea.

Bill Clinton’s infidelities became a national scandal, and Hillary’s decision not to divorce her husband may have been difficult. However, it is likely she knew about her husband’s proclivities before they became public, and it is also likely she decided to stick with him — at least in part — for political reasons.

After all, Hillary used her position in the spotlight to run for U.S. Senate in New York and later to run for president in 2008.


It is noble that Hillary Clinton decided to remain married to her husband despite his adulteries, but there was likely more than a little political strategy involved in that decision.

As much as I find her annoying, I have to admit that running for president was “gutsy” for her — especially with the truth about her email scandal coming to light. “Gutsy” it was. Well-advised? Perhaps not so much.

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