Drain the Swamp: Streets, the White House, Even the Metro in Washington, D.C. Are Flooding

Twitter screenshot of cars submerged by flooding in Washington, D.C.

On Monday morning, heavy rains turned the metaphorical swamp into a literal swamp, as rains destroyed highways, leaked down into the Metro, and flooded parts of the White House. Journalists and locals shared the devastation of the monsoon for all to see on Twitter.


Canal Road across from the Potomac River just north of Georgetown flooded, stranding drivers who stood on their cars to avoid getting swept away.

Washington, D.C., Fire and EMS escorted them to safety.

Commuters driving on I-66 seem to have gotten swept away by the current.

The flooding extended to various parts of the capital city.

Townhall’s Storm Paglia shared a video of the flooding by Arlington National Cemetery.


Other scenes in the D.C. suburb of Arlington, Va., looked positively post-apocalyptic.

WAMU 88.5 shared more scenes from the Waverly Hills neighborhood in Arlington.

The trolleys in Alexandria are stranded.

The bottom level of the Ballston parking lot is a river.

If parking garages aren’t safe, neither is the Metro. Some stations had waterfalls.



This is the Capitol South Metro, frequented by staffers for the House of Representatives.

At least the kind staff at the Pentagon Metro had the decency to put up a “Wet Floor” sign!

Here’s the Metro in McPherson Square.

Unsuck DC Metro reported that the Metro is both floodingΒ andΒ on fire.

Oh look, a fountain!


Even the basement of the White House was flooding.

It looks like President Donald Trump will have to drain that swamp ASAP.

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