NYT's Maggie Haberman Suggests Trump Playing 'Edelweiss' at White House Has Some Sinister Meaning

YouTube screenshot of "Edelweiss" in "The Sound of Music."

The latest attempt to brand Trump a Nazi has two American artists rolling over in their graves.

On Thursday, a New York Post reporter tweeted that President Donald Trump played the song “Edelweiss” at the White House. The New York Times‘s White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, suggested the song was a Nazi anthem, inspiring rightful backlash on Twitter. She seemed to stick with this false view, even after she was called out on it.


“‘Edelweiss’ was being played as we walked into the [White House],” Nikki Schwab, the Post reporter, tweeted.

Flabbergasted, Haberman responded, “Does…anyone at that White House understand the significance of that song?”

This tweet suggested that Trump was outing himself as pro-Nazi by playing the song at the White House.

When Ben Shapiro responded with a mocking tweet, Haberman doubled down, saying, “So you’re going with no, then.”

Twitter screenshot of Maggie Haberman’s response to Ben Shapiro.

As National Review‘s Alexandra DeSanctis noted, “Edelweiss” originated in The Sound of Music (1965), an American musical about the ravages of the Nazi rise to power in Austria. The song was a tribute to pre-Nazi Austria and a rebuke to the Nazis.


Where did Haberman get the idea that the song supports Nazis? The answer may lie with Amazon’s hit show The Man in the High Castle. That show repurposed “Edelweiss” as a creepy lament — in an alternate universe where the Nazis win World War II and conquer a third of America.

Amazon’s recasting of the song was a brilliant artistic move, and it gives extra heft to the show’s opening credits. But it may have convinced viewers that “Edelweiss” is a pro-Nazi song, rather than an anti-Nazi one. Indeed, it is plausible that Haberman’s outrage at Trump playing the song is the result of Amazon’s show.

The Washington Examiner‘s Seth Mandel noted this connection.

The Daily Wire’s Elisha Krauss said Rodgers and Hammerstein may be “rolling over in their graves.”


Naturally, Haberman is distracted by the Mueller report. Even so, she should have known better.

Watch “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music below.


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