X-Men Director Bryan Singer Allegedly Drugged 18-Year-Old Man and Sexually Assaulted Him in 2014

FILE - This Dec. 2, 2013 file photo shows Bryan Singer at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" at the Dolby Theatre. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP, File)

On Friday, a would-be actor and songwriter released allegations of rape against “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and APA agent Tyler Grasham. Singer also faced a lawsuit Thursday for allegedly assaulting a 17-year-old boy.


“It was a never-ending supply of cute men,” Bret Tyler Skopek recalled. He told harrowing stories about Singer drugging and raping him, and Grasham later using alcohol to abuse him. The stories involved multiple sexual experiences with many different men, all surrounding Singer.

“I’ve seen wannabe YouTubers come. I’ve seen actors. I’ve seen singers. I’ve seen people like me that don’t know what they want to do,” Skopek said. “You come [to Los Angeles] with dreams of being whatever. You’re still going to be caught up into this mess.”

Skopek revealed the allegations in multiple interviews with Deadline. He backed up his story with text messages and photographs with Singer. Further phone and email interviews with seven other sources also supported his stories.

The young man recalled meeting Singer at a Halloween party in 2013, when he was 18 and the director was 48. After this brief meeting, Skopek began receiving text messages from a middle-aged computer technician who invited him to lunch. The man invited him back to his apartment for a party with other young men — and the party drug Molly.

The young man found himself passed out on a bed and claims he woke up to the man raping him. “I felt so dirty,” Skopek told Deadline. “I just wanted to go home and take a shower.”


The alleged rapist — who had been arrested on charges of child sexual exploitation in Georgia in 2000 — connected Skopek to other powerful players in Hollywood. Eventually, he attended a birthday party for the technician that Singer himself hosted on December 7, 2013, at the Nobu Restaurant.

Skopek shared a recording with Deadline, in which the technician coached him on how to curry favor with powerful men. “There are things that you could do to make them nuts,” he said.

According to Skopek, Singer invited him and two other young men to his house after the party. He gave them a grand tour, and then drugged them.

“We’re in the basement, me and the other two kids, we’re kind of chilling. Bryan takes us up, one by one, and gives us all a Molly,” Skopek said. “He’s splitting it with us. ‘I’ll do half if you do half.'”

Skopek and two others wound up in the bedroom, reportedly having sex with Singer. An anonymous 23-year-old who is still pursuing an acting career corroborated Skopek’s story of the dinner, the drugs, and the group sex, along with the technician’s role in connecting him and Skopek with Singer.

The next morning, only Skopek remained. “Bryan offers to take me to breakfast and the X-Men special effects floor where they’re doing all the editing,” he recalled. “We maybe spend almost the whole day together at the studio until I take a Snapchat. … Bryan gets mad at me and says he’ll have his assistant drive me home.”


Skopek recalled dinner dates with Singer, and evening group sex sessions — sometimes involving as many as 10 people.

“Watching the amount of people come in through the night,” the young man said. “The sad fact is this is how they think they have to live their lives. This is the only way to make it out here.”

Skopek alleged that Singer would watch a television show, see a hot guy, and have his friends contact the actor, as if offering him a role in a major motion picture. “It was like, ‘Let’s get on a roll. I want this guy in my room,'” the young man recalled. “It’s shocking to me how easy it was.”

Sometimes Skopek shared the limelight with Singer, but he alleged the director merely used him. “I was looking over my shoulder while [Singer] was texting another person, ‘Hey, I have little Bret here. I want you to come over and do him.'”

In the spring of 2014, Skopek reportedly suggested leaving, and Singer offered money. He became disillusioned with the director and described himself as an “after-hours kid,” who lived to serve the director’s desires. “I was so depressed,” he said. “They would lead me on that I could get an audition. But all you’re good for is sex.”

Skopek ended the relationship in December 2014. But his story wasn’t over yet.


In 2016, the aspiring songwriter decided to write a book about his experiences, a novel called The Prince of Darkness. APA agent Tyler Grasham offered to represent him.

In June 2016, the agent sent a round-trip ticket and treated Skopek to copious amounts of alcohol — a common tactic other accusers have claimed Grasham used to make them vulnerable.

The two went to Grasham’s place, and Skopek was so ill he locked himself in the bathroom for two hours, he recalled. The young man eventually emerged and passed out on the agent’s bed. He claimed the agent sexually assaulted him, despite his efforts to fight Grasham off.

“In the morning [Grasham] asks why there’s blood on the sheets. He said, ‘I guess I fingered you too hard. I’m sorry I was drunk.’ I was bleeding for a week,” Skopek claimed. “It makes me realize these people don’t know what they’re doing sometimes. They are out to enjoy themselves. If they hurt someone in the process, they don’t even remember.”

Grasham did not respond to Deadline‘s requests for comment. Singer’s spokesman did. “If Mr. Skopek had a problem with Bryan, he never mentioned it before today,” the director’s representative said. “The timing of Mr. Skopek coming forward now with these allegations is questionable.”


In 2014, Director Duncan Roy, who has known Singer for more than 20 years, described the director’s “boy obsessions and sex tourism,” his use of prescription drugs, and his drinking.

“In Hollywood, the question you get asked a million times is, ‘What wouldn’t you do to succeed?’ And your hunger is part of the deal with the devil,” Roy told Deadline.

Singer has faced these kind of allegations before. Michael Egan III filed a civil suit against him in 2014, alleging the director drugged him and forced him to have sex at parties. Egan was later convicted for fraud and that seemed to justify Singer’s claims that he was a shake-down artist.

This week, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman also filed a lawsuit against Singer, accusing him of raping and sodomizing him on a yacht when he was 17 years old. That suit dropped Thursday. Singer’s representatives “categorically” denied the allegations.

On Friday, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts announced it would remove Singer’s name from its Division of Cinema & Media Studies program.

Singer’s associates have also faced charges. The director’s longtime friend Gary Goddard took a leave of absence from his entertainment design company after actor Anthony Edwards accused Goddard of molesting him as a child. Grasham, who once credited Singer with helping launch his career, was fired amid sexual assault allegations.


On Wednesday, Skopek tweeted, “Look what you made me do.” This reference to a popular Taylor Swift song likely teased his sexual assault allegations against Singer and Grasham.



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