Daily Kos Founder Says The New York Times Is 'The Right's Propaganda'


Anger at the media is by no means restricted to the Right, but most liberals would admit that The New York Times is at least on their side. Apparently not: at least one liberal of note says the United States’ newspaper of record is conservative “propaganda.”


“Beats me why anyone would have a NYT subscription at this point. If you do, you are funding the Right’s propaganda efforts,” tweeted Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the far-Left website Daily Kos.

The reason why? How the Times covered the impact of James Comey’s October 28 letter to Congress about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Moulitsas retweeted statistician Nate Silver, whose website gave Hillary Clinton an over 70 percent chance of winning the election before the results came in.

Twitter Screenshot.

Silver argued that the Comey letter “probably” cost Clinton the election, that it likely switched between 1 and 2 percent of the vote from her to Donald Trump, and that would have been enough to swing the election.

He admitted, however, that it is impossible to know for certain whether Comey’s letter had this impact. Comey himself said he would make the same decision again, but it made him nauseous to think his decision might have impacted the election.


But Moulitsas gave yet another reason why The New York Times is “the Right’s propaganda.” The Daily Kos founder argued that “aside from ideology, [the Times] cares nothing about racial and ethnic diversity. There is nothing ‘liberal’ about them. Stop thinking they are.”

If the Times isn’t liberal, why did it smuggle in arguments against Hillsdale College’s educational philosophy? If the Times isn’t liberal, why did it promulgate the lie that Christian scripture calls for the killing of homosexuals? If the Times is Right-wing propaganda, why did it publish an op-ed in February declaring, “Move Left, Democrats“?

Newsflash: The New York Times is liberal, and if you catch yourself arguing otherwise, perhaps you should take a moment to re-examine your premises.



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