SBA List Pres: 'A Vote for Hillary Clinton Does Not Honor Susan B. Anthony'

Twitter screenshot of a Hillary Clinton sign with Susan B. Anthony's tombstone.

Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, will stay open later than usual on Election Day to honor Susan B. Anthony, whose tomb resides in the cemetery. In announcing this decision, the cemetery praised the fact that Hillary Clinton represents the first woman candidate of a major party. But Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), a pro-life non-profit organization, was not so impressed.


“Susan B. Anthony and her compatriots knew that the rights of one group — women — could not be build up on the broken rights of another — their children,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser told PJ Media in an email statement. “A vote for Hillary Clinton, who has said pointedly that ‘the unborn person does not have constitutional rights,’ is not a vote that honors Susan B. Anthony.”

Dannenfelser pointed out that Susan B. Anthony and her many of her fellow Suffragettes “opposed abortion and saw it as an abuse and exploitation of women.” The SBA List president further insisted that on the issue of abortion, “Hillary Clinton stands with a small and extreme minority.”

The pro-life activist pointed to a recent Politico-Harvard poll which showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans (58 percent) oppose the funding of abortion through Medicaid. By advocating a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, Clinton stands for using Medicaid to pay for abortions. Dannenfelser also highlighted a July Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll which showed 78 percent of Americans supported substantial limits on abortion and 62 percent opposed taxpayer funding for the practice.

“Even members of Clinton’s own party and those who consider themselves pro-choice think forcing taxpayers to be complicit in abortion is a bridge too far,” Dannenfelser concluded.

But many women praised the historic opportunity Mrs. Clinton (and to a smaller extent, Green Party nominee Jill Stein) presents to support the first woman president.


“Even if you don’t vote for her, you’ve never had that opportunity in your lifetime, and a lot of people never thought they’d see it,” Deborah Hughes, president and executive officer of the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House on Madison Street, told USA Today. “For some people, it’s about their worst nightmare.”

This alleged fear of a female president seems a figment of imagination, a myth conjured by feminists to continue browbeating male privilege. In an October poll by the organization Just Facts, when voters were asked, “All other things being equal, if you were faced with a choice between a male and a female presidential candidate, who would you vote for?” 69 percent of American voters said, “it does not mater.” More preferred the female (15 percent) to the male (12 percent).

Interestingly, the data suggest that male voters and Trump voters were more likely to say “it does not matter.” Seventy-three percent of Trump voters said so, and 72 percent of male voters did, as opposed to only 67 percent of Clinton voters and 64 percent of female voters. Are women and Hillary supporters more sexist than men and Trump supporters?

Indeed, while 25 percent of Trump voters preferred a man, 27 percent of Clinton voters preferred a woman. Both 12 percent of men and 12 percent of women preferred a male, but 9 percent of men and 20 percent of women preferred a female.


Next Page: The note by Susan B. Anthony’s grave, and “making history.”

USA Today showed a picture of a note, thanking Anthony for her work on behalf of women’s suffrage and mentioning Clinton as the ultimate outcome of her advocacy.

Thank you, Susan B. Anthony, for devoting your life to women’s voting rights. Because of your work, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, I will cast my ballot for the first woman president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton!

A similar note was found by the gravestone and posted on Twitter.

As a tribute to the champion of women’s suffrage, women from across New York visit the grave on Election Day to contribute their “I Voted” stickers. The image is truly inspiring.

Dannenfelser joined the chorus of praise for Anthony, but insisted that the “great thing” of women’s suffrage should not be used to support abortion. “Let us not use it to deny millions of other women the right to life.”


Unfortunately, if Hillary Clinton makes history and becomes the first woman president, it will likely simply underscore libertarian YouTube star Julie Borowski’s chilling point: “Girls can be dirty, corrupt politicians, too.”

Here’s an idea — maybe America should make history with a first woman president who didn’t intimidate her husband’s sexual assault accusers into submission and wasn’t under FBI investigation during the presidential race. Oh, and maybe one who is also pro-life, like Susan B. Anthony was.

I think that’s an idea Susan B. Anthony might just support.

Check out Julie Borowski’s video on the next page.


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