Vermin Supreme: Maybe Melania Trump and 'My Little Pony' Character Are Friends

YouTube Screenshot of Vermin Supreme talking about ponies and Melania Trump at the RNC.

CLEVELAND, OH — In an interview with PJ Media, mock presidential candidate Vermin Supreme discussed the potential relationship between Melania Trump and Twilight Sparkle, the “My Little Pony” character whom RNC communications director Sean Spicer said Melania may have plagiarized in her speech at the Republican National Convention.


Supreme is well known for supporting what he calls “a federal pony identification system,” and so I figured we should ask him his thoughts about the alleged plagiarism.

When asked, “Isn’t that a horrible crime?” Supreme was hesitant to rush to conclusions.

“You’d really have to ask Twilight Sparkle,” the man who renamed himself “Vermin” explained. “Twilight Sparkle might have written that or given her permission, we just don’t know what the circumstances are … We don’t know the relationship between miss Trump and Twilight Sparkle, they could be friends.”

“So I don’t want to jump to any conclusions,” Supreme said.

When asked about his platform, he explained why ponies are so important. “It is a federal pony identification system, you must have your pony with you at all times. I mean, everybody loves ponies, right?!” At this, he shrugged his shoulders, and jittered around with excitement.


When asked who has Twilight Sparkle, or who would be assigned her under his new system, Supreme suggested that maybe Melania already has a relationship with her.

“I know the Trumps are very wealthy and it wouldn’t surprise me if they owned the whole franchise,” he declared.

Check out the video below!


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