Corey Canned: Trump Finally Parts Ways with Embattled Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

Corey Lewandowski, the infamous Trump campaign manager who allegedly grabbed former Breitbart reporter (and former PJ Media reporter) Michelle Fields, is parting ways with The Donald’s campaign, according to a statement released Monday.


“Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said, the Associated Press reported. Hicks added that the campaign is grateful for his “hard work and dedication” and wishes him the best.

Lewandowski has been at Trump’s side since the beginning, helping The Donald step by step in his rise to become the presumptive Republican nominee. Monday’s separation actually marks a surprising turn, given Trump’s numerous defenses of Lewandowski after the incident with Fields.

In March, Lewandoski was charged with misdemeanor battery after grabbing Fields, allegedly hard enough to leave bruises on her arm at a press conference earlier that month. He later turned himself over to the Jupiter Police Department. Nevertheless, Trump defended him, mocking Fields’ allegations. Both Trump and Lewandowski claimed that Fields was lying.

Conservative female journalists sent an open letter to The Donald asking him to “remove Lewandowski from his campaign” and attacking the campaign manager’s behavior as “inexcusable and unprofessional.”


In April, Politico reported that Fields would not be charging Lewandowski with battery, but she might sue him for defamation. The suit has not yet gone forward. Later that month, however, Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus sued Trump and Lewandowski for defamation, saying they falsely portrayed her as a desperate job seeker who criticized Trump because he denied her a press job with his campaign. Jacobus is suing for $4 million.

While Trump has arguably mistreated the press, most recently banning The Washington Post from his events, there is some evidence he has been intentionally misinterpreted as well. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that President Obama was banning unfriendly media long before The Donald came along.




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