14 Great Twitter Responses to Hillary's #DeleteYourAccount Smack-Down

Twitter Screenshot of old New York Post headline

When President Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday, Donald Trump responded in his usual manner — with a tweet. Clinton shot back, ordering The Donald to #DeleteYourAccount.


While many liberals seem enthralled by this smack-down, it seems rather silly. Was Clinton saying she can’t take Trump’s Twitter tirades? Sure, The Donald has disgraced himself using that particular social medium, but Hillary’s response seemed entitled — as if the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua was so used to ordering people around, she had to try it on Trump.

Both have proven themselves petty, bickering like school children, but to be fair to Trump, the Clintons had already dragged politics through the mud before he came around.

Here is PJ Media’s list of the 14 best tweets responding to Clinton’s #DeleteYourAccount. Enjoy!

14. Good old Anthony Weiner.

13. Bernie folk see this hashtag for what it is.

Next Page: Maybe both of them should delete something…

12. Now, there’s an idea!

11. There’s something else maybe both of them should delete…


Next Page: Didn’t Hillary delete a few things herself?

10. The real irony is…

9. She can delete all she wants — it won’t save her.

Next Page: Hillary telling Donald to delete accounts is like the pot calling the kettle…

8. Hillary telling Donald to delete accounts is like the pot calling the kettle…

7. Sure, Hillary’s right — we didn’t lose anyone in Libya…

Next Page: These are your presidential candidates. Sad!

6. This video is pretty damning.

5. Ladies and gentlemen, your presidential candidates.


Next Page: I’m sure Hillary would rather delete Bill’s sexual history.

4. Oh snap! Somebody went there.

3. And of course.

Next Page: Priebus’ perfect tweet, and a New York Post headline to remember.

2. Now, there’s a burn.

1. Perfect.


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