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The Morning Briefing: More NFLOL, DACA/Amnesty on the Senate Table, and Much, Much More

Good Tuesday Morning.

Here is what's on the President's agenda today:

  • In the morning, President Donald J. Trump will receive his daily intelligence briefing.
  • The President will then meet with bipartisan representation from the House Committee on Ways and Means.
  • Later in the morning, the President will receive a briefing on hurricane recovery efforts.
  • In the afternoon, the President will meet with President Mariano Rajoy of Spain, and, after a working luncheon with him, the two leaders will hold a joint press conference.
  • The President will then depart the White House for Joint Base Andrews, en route to New York, N.Y.
  • In New York, the President will participate in a U.S. Mission greeting.
  • The President will then meet with the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).
  • In the evening, the President will participate in a roundtable with RNC supporters. The President will then give remarks at the RNC finance dinner.
  • Later in the evening, the President will depart New York, N.Y., for Washington, D.C., en route to the White House.

REMINDER: Tonight is the run-off election in Alabama for AG Jeff Sessions' Senate seat

America continues to be held hostage by NFLOL controversy

I guess we're still going to be talking about this. Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones kneeled before the national anthem at the Cowboys/Cardinals game. The group then stood up during the National Anthem. Meanwhile, Alejandro Villanueva is walking back his decision to emerge from the Steelers' locker room and stand for the anthem as his team protested by hiding in the locker room. "Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally," Villanueva said. "Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself I feel embarrassed."

Why? If this is an issue of "free expression" and the First Amendment, why should he be embarrassed? Shouldn't he be proud and applauded for his decision to express himself by those cheering on the NFL pre-game kneeling? Or is this not really about free expression? (HINT: It's not about free expression.)

Villanueva says he asked quarterback Ben Roethlisberger if he could be out in front with the captains during the national anthem and they agreed to it, but when he went to the front of the tunnel to see the flag, he went too far unintentionally.

"When we came out of the locker room into that tunnel, it was a very small area. There was a flag or something coming off the field so there were a bunch of Bears fans, coming off the field holding that going in front of us, so it kind of held us up," Villanueva said.

The rest of the team remained in the tunnel. "I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault, and my fault only," Villanueva said. "We as a team tried to figure it out, but obviously butchered it."

"People that are taking a knee are not saying anything negative about the military, they're not saying anything negative about the flag, they're just trying to protest that there are some injustices in America," Villanueva said.