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The Puffington Host Now Doing Bad Science Fiction

Look, we live in strange times.  It seems that every time I turn around I hear of another science fiction magazine being in trouble, and yet, wouldn’t you know it, the Puffington Host has decided to publish some and picked Barbra Streisand to write it.

It’s not very good, of course.  No one really expects this “celebrity-written fiction” to be wonderful.  Normally the done thing is to pair the “name in another field” and an experienced writer, like what is happening with Clinton and Patterson.  But Barbra has decided to go it on her own and the result…. Well, it’s funny.  We just don’t think it’s entirely intentionally funny.  Also, we won’t lie: some of the funny had us crying a little, because, well… you know…

Props for her beginning, which establishes clearly that we are in a parallel world with the following:

May our country learn a lesson from this tragic mistake of 2016.

Yeah, right on, sister. If Clinton had won the presidency, I too would hope the country would learn to stop electing extreme leftists with no other claim to power than an appeal to a vaguely defined victimhood group.  I mean, if we had first blacks, then women, we’d eventually around 2040 be reduced to electing the only black, lesbian, one-legged, deaf dyslexic woman in the country.

We are approaching the year anniversary of Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton.

By Electoral College victory, you mean of course “election victory.”  You see, here, in that non-parallel world, Ms. Streisand, the Electoral College is the only way to win the presidency of the United States.  For Hillary to claim that winning the “popular vote” is worth something is like her claiming she should be president because she once won the hog-calling contest at the Arkansas State Fair.  We’re all very happy for her, but that has absolutely nothing to do with winning the presidency.

The Electoral College was set up to prevent places like NYC and California from ruling the rest of the country.  Also, madam, if the election were decided by popular vote a lot of people who don’t bother to vote in CA or NYC would go out and vote, and thus inflate the national totals.

But it’s not a popular vote contest.  It’s an electoral vote contest.  We don’t care if Hillary can call the hogs better’n anyone, or even if you hold your breath and stomp your feet really hard.  She’s not president in this country, according to the rules of this country.

He lost the popular vote by close to three million votes, promptly claimed massive voter fraud and then set up a phony voter fraud commission to vainly prove his point.