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Strange Days in America

So, about the last week....

Yeah, I saw what you just did. You lowered your head and pinched the bridge of your nose. Yeah. I know. I get it too. Though in my case we've come to downing Vitamin I by the fistful and to being too angry to write about what infuriates me for PJ Media. No, seriously.

Again, let's keep the country and its size in perspective. Not just geographical size, which frankly, unless you've driven it, you probably haven't internalized. I have driven about a fourth of it once. I don't think it's possible even for those Americans born and raised here who aren't long-distance truckers to keep that in mind. We're VAST. It's harder when the news creates the illusion that the other side of the country is right here, in our laps.

Then let's keep the population in perspective. Allegedly there are three hundred million of us. There probably are. Yeah, they've been making up "uncountables" in the big cities for decades, but that's just vote rigging, same as it ever was, and is probably balanced by all the people in the boonies who refuse to give their info to the census.

I read a number yesterday, and I'm not sure how it was derived, but I'm going to pass it on for what it's worth. Officials estimate there are 20k white supremacists in the U.S. By the way, because this term has been watered down, in the last few days anyone who isn't a fan of Antifa has been called a Nazi and a white supremacist, including myself and half a dozen JEWISH, OBSERVANT friends: A white supremacist is someone who believes not just that whites are superior, but that whites should be in charge/have more legal rights than other races. They also usually define white very narrowly as "Northern European."

People who simply believe that people with the least melanin are the bestest people in the world are common-variety racists, no different from those who believe the black race is the bestest.

Then there are people who believe whites are as good as anyone else, aka, sane.

Because of the corruption of our language, any or all of those could be included in that 20k. Probably not the latter, but if they're really vocal, it's possible.

Someone said the number of hard-core Marxists — your Antifa, black bloc, ANSWER, OWS, etc. — is much higher than that.

I don't believe them. Oh, sure, there are a bunch of custard heads who read about how great and impartial these groups are, and who think they must be admirable. But those aren't hard-core Marxists. They're custard heads, which as the Good Book says, shall always be with us.