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2020 Tease: Democrat Julian Castro Forms New PAC

While the Democrats' bench for 2020 may be thin after the Obama years, it does exist.

On the experienced end of the spectrum sits Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep.

On the even-her-own-party-can't-take-her-seriously end is Sen. Kamala Harris.

One of the few under-70 options for the party of youth and diversity is now testing the waters.

Former Obama Cabinet secretary Julián Castro has formed a new PAC as he steps up his political activity and considers a possible run for president in 2020.

The new group is called “Opportunity First,” a favorite catchphrase of Castro’s since his days as mayor of San Antonio, though it is also similar to President Donald Trump’s “America First” slogan. The group will support candidates for federal, state and local office and could finance other political activities for Castro, who has already lent a hand to several congressional and gubernatorial candidates around the country since the end of the Obama administration.

Castro was a relatively unknown 39-year-old mayor when he was added to President Obama's cabinet in 2014. It wasn't fashionable for the MSM to write about how decimated the Democrats were while Obama was still in office, but there was speculation that Castro was being hurried along just in case Biden or Hillary wasn't available for 2016.

Should the party want to cast its eyes away from the elders (Biden, Warren, the return of Bernie), Castro is probably the most experienced of the younger Democrats. Harris, however, is in the news more so it's kind of a crap shoot for them.