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Trump vs. the Permanent Coastal Privilege Party

It started with CNN's Jim Acosta's self-important preening grandstanding in the guise of a question to the Trump administration's senior wonk, Steven Miller. (Sarah Hoyt, Andrew Klavan, Spengler, and I all disassembled Acosta in PJM in the last few days.)

Well, as Glenn says, one of the real strengths Trump has shown is his ability to goad the allegedly sane, sensible, responsible Permanent Coastal Privilege Party into revealing that it is actually none of those things.

In response to Trump's West Virginia rally, Stuart Rothenberg tweeted that West Virginia residents are basically too stupid to matter:

He was called on it by many people, among them the excellent Salena Zito:

To which he responded with "but some of my best friends are semi-literate backwoods morons."

He then essayed the "Ha ha it was a joke!" response favored by people who have at least one foot in their mouth but are still too self-important to actually apologize.

In response to someone tweeting that they didn't like Steven Miller being paid by taxpayers, Lawrence Tribe of Harvard Law managed the capper: He said Miller shouldn't be paid because he was not a human being.