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Judge Releases Mentally Ill Man Accused of Assaulting NYPD Cop, Trying to Steal Her Gun

Only a few days after a deranged cop-hater ambushed and killed a female officer in New York City, another deranged cop-hater has allegedly assaulted a female officer and tried to steal her firearm. This suspect, however, is already back on the street without bail, thanks to a liberal activist judge, the New York Post reported Monday.

Kurdel Emmanuel, 29, reportedly stormed into a Brooklyn police station house on Saturday and lunged at the officer inside the 83rd Precinct. According to court papers, Emmanuel then violently grabbed her firearm belt and attempted to yank out her service weapon. Now NYPD cops are watching their backs because Emmanuel has been allowed to walk free.

At his arraignment Sunday, Emmanuel was hit with a slew of charges, including assault on a police officer, attempted criminal possession of a weapon and attempted robbery.

Prosecutors asked Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Loren Baily-Schiffman to hold him in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Instead, she ordered Emmanuel released on his own recognizance.

Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeant’s Benevolence Association, said the suspect is “mentally ill,” and sent out a safety alert describing him and urging cops to “remain cautious.”

Mullins claimed Emmanuel would have “killed police officers” if he’d gotten hold of the gun.

Emmanuel was at his home in East Flatbush Sunday night, according to his stepmother, who told The Post she “absolutely” has tried to help him.

“He has mental- health issues,” the woman said. “The problem you have is you have someone who is not well, and you can still get conflicting stories.”

Law enforcement slammed the judge for the release — which took place on the eve of a wake for Officer Miosotis Familia, who was killed by an apparently mentally disturbed man last Wednesday.

A source told the Post, “Prosecutors are taking this case seriously but the judge clearly didn’t.”

Dennis Quirk, president of the New York State Court Officers Association, was more pointed in his criticism of the judge: “This idiot should be removed from the bench,” he fumed.

The Post further reported that Baily-Schiffman hung up on a reporter when he called for comment.

Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino Monday night called the judge's decision "an abomination."

"There is no easy reasonable explanation for this abomination of a legal decision," Bongino said on Fox News' "The Story" with Martha MacCallum.

Bongino said in all his years in law enforcement, he'd never seen such a bungle of a "ground ball decision" to keep the dangerous perp locked up under heavy bail. He argued that Baily-Schiffman could also have had Emmanuel involuntary committed.