British Authorities Champion LGBT Message for London Pride Parade

On Friday night, London's Palace of Westminster, the building which houses Britain's Parliament, was lit up in rainbow flag colors for the first time. But the British government did much more than this to champion the LGBT message for Saturday's Pride parade, which is estimated to have 1 million participants.

"Pride brings people together in joyful celebration of our values of freedom, tolerance, and equality," Prime Minister Theresa May declared in a video statement. "At its heart, it is about a simple theme: love. That's why this year's theme — 'love happens here' — couldn't be more appropriate."

May was far from the only major government official endorsing the LGBT message. Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the most prominent opposition leader to May's government, declared that people participating were "sending an uplifting message of celebration and pride," and emphasized that his political party pushed the decriminalization of homosexuality and transgender legal recognition.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted, "Here in London you are free to be who you want to be and love who you want to love. Happy Pride London!!"

But the official recognition went beyond political leaders. Parliament lit up in rainbow colors for the first time. Here is a picture from the PolitikUK Twitter account, showing the iconic Elizabeth Tower (better known for the name of the bell inside, "Big Ben").

London's Metropolitan Police endorsed the LGBT event. They even wore rainbow epaulettes on their uniforms to celebrate.

Even the London Ambulance Service staff did the same.

The London Fire Brigade tweeted a picture of a rainbow-colored firetruck.