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Maxine Waters Leads Tax March Crowd in 'Impeach 45' Chant

Upon taking office, all congressmen and congresswomen must take an oath to uphold the Constitution. But what happens if the oath taker is profoundly ignorant of our founding document?

Unfortunately, nothing. But we can still laugh when our elected representatives offer a course of action that is blatantly and obviously unconstitutional.

Rep. Maxine Waters has been calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump since almost before he took office. But she has yet to introduce any legislation that would start the impeachment process. That's because you can't impeach a president for disagreeing with his politics (although to liberals like Waters, that's a hanging offense), or because you believe that your paranoid imaginings about the president might come true.

Thankfully, the Constitution -- as vague as it is on the subject -- gets a helluva lot more specific on what a president can be impeached for than Maxine Waters does.

The Hill:

"I don't respect this president. I don't trust this president. He's not working in the best interests of the American people," Waters said.

"I will fight every day until he is impeached," she added, before leading the crowd in chants of "impeach 45."

Waters has been among the most vocal critics of Trump in Congress, and she has repeatedly signaled that she would be willing to impeach the president.

Days after Trump took office, Waters said her “greatest desire is to lead [Trump] right into impeachment.” In March, Waters argued that Trump should be impeached if evidence emerged that he colluded with the Russian government. Later in the month, she tweeted "get ready for impeachment."

In addition to the impeachment talk, Waters also blasted Trump at the rally Saturday for refusing to release his tax returns.

The D.C. Tax March is one of a number of rallies being held Saturday to press Trump to release his taxes.

Waters called Trump a "liar" because he has said he can't release his returns because of an audit, while the IRS has maintained that nothing prevents individuals from releasing their own tax information.

"Show the people your taxes. Stop stonewalling, stop hiding," Waters said.

She also criticized Trump for his campaign tax-reform plan delivering most of its benefits to wealthy people.

"The 1 percent will be the only ones who meaningfully benefit on the backs of millions of already struggling Americans," she said.

It's been a source of amazement to me since Donald Trump took office that many liberals have expressed a love and affection for the Constitution all of a sudden. They couldn't be bothered before or, like Barack Obama, they see the Constitution as an impediment to "social justice."

Apparently, when the Constitution can be put to work in service to a political agenda, it can be embraced.