The Left Blasts Lady Gaga for Not Ruining the Super Bowl

Playing the Super Bowl halftime show is a daunting task: no matter how well you perform, some will invariably say your show was awful. But I'm sure Lady Gaga, considering her ... unique style, has a thick skin by now and was prepared for it.

However, I'm fairly sure she didn't expect her fellow leftists to take to social media to blast her halftime show not for her performance itself, but because she didn't exploit an opportunity to shove politics down the world's throat.

She did open her show with a generic comment about how America stands for "liberty and justice for all." This could have been construed as a poke at President Trump and his recent executive order restricting immigration from a handful of Islamic nations, but it could just as well have been a tribute to America. And apparently, being less than explicit is unacceptable:

For the American Left, everything that can be politicized must be politicized.

Frankly, Lady Gaga was smart. While many argue her opening and her choice to include the song "Born This Way" in her set were subtle digs at Trump -- and they may well have been -- they were subtle enough that no one should have been alienated.