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Obama's 'Scandal-Free' Administration Was Actually Riddled with Scandals

The Stalinesque "cult of personality" that surrounded Barack Obama when he campaigned for president in 2008 and for about a year after he was elected president of the United States has greatly diminished, but it never completely went away.

No one can forget the disturbing onslaught of Obama cult products circa 2008/2009: the Obama flags, perfume, soap, soda pop, basketballs, clocks, flip-flops, soap-on-a-rope -- you name it. Obama's smiling mug was slapped on practically every product you could think of -- including even sushi! -- and his devoted cultists snatched it up.

Then there were the children singing Obama songs of praise, Obama's lavish birthday bashes, and his unearned Nobel Peace Prize. While most of "Obamamania" dissipated over the ensuing years, there were still occasional reminders that he still had a very fervent and devoted following -- mostly, it turned out, in the mainstream media.

For the entire eight years of Obama's presidency, we witnessed an obsequious MSM that only very reluctantly reported negative news about their hero, dropping problematic stories like a hot potato at the first opportunity. Thus, Obama's many scandals became old news in a matter of weeks.

It is largely because of this that Obama and his minions can casually drop an absurd whopper like this and not be challenged on it:

Top President Barack Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett said in an interview with CNN Sunday that his administration has not seen a single scandal.

“The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself,” she said on Fareed Zakaria GPS.

“That’s because that’s who he is, that’s who they are, and I think that’s what really resonates with the American people,” she continued.

Obama and his team must be worried about his legacy now that he is on the way out the door and a Republican administration is coming in to "drain the swamp," because he and his toadies have been pushing this nonsense about his "scandal-free" presidency for months, now.

The fake narrative first emerged in 2011 when liberal journalists trotted it out ahead of Obama's 2012 reelection campaign.

"Love President Obama or hate him, he’s run a tight ship and to date has been scandal free," said Washington Monthly's Steve Benen with a straight face in May of 2011.

"Mark it on your calendars: if President Obama has just 20 days to go -- October 6! -- in order to claim the record as the most scandal-free president since 1977," wrote an adoring Elspeth Reeve in The Atlantic that September.


My very favorite contribution to the narrative came from Jonathan Alter, who gushed about Obama's "miraculous White House free of scandal" in a piece at  Bloomberg News that read like something from The Onion: