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Benjamin Netanyahu: 'Israel Will No Longer Fund UN Institutions'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rightfully had enough of the United Nations' hatred for his country:

Netanyahu made his first comments since Friday's UN Security Council vote, Saturday night at a ceremony celebrating the first night of Hanukkah.

Netanyahu told the crowd that he was there to comfort everyone following the UN's decision.

The decision was "shameful," the Prime Minister repeated multiple times.

"The Security Council decision calls Israeli land occupied and that is just shameful, the decision calls the Western Wall occupied land, it is shameful," Netanyahu said.

You'd think that an anti-Semitic organization like the UN and its institutions don't want any "Jewish money," but the opposite is true. They're systematically attacking the Jewish state but still demand Israeli money. Well, no longer, Netanyahu says. From now on, Israel will stop funding UN institutions. If they need money to fund their anti-Israel activities, they'll just have to beg the Arab world for more.

Netanyahu has also taken steps against New Zealand and Senegal, two countries that supported the anti-UN resolution against Israel. Israel's ambassadors in those countries have been recalled "for consultations," which is diplomatic-speak for: they'll be told they'll have to put pressure on New Zealand and Senegal and to make clear to them that this vote was and is completely and utterly unacceptable.

The controversial resolution that was passed on Friday -- two days before Christmas -- condemns Israeli settlements as illegal and demands Israel "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the "occupied" Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem." Yes, you read that right: the resolution actually calls the historic Jewish city of Jerusalem 'occupied' territory. It's sad, pathetic, and extremely anti-Semitic, but there you have it; this is the official opinion of the UN Security Council nowadays.

Netanyahu is right to take on the UN and to call to account the governments that supported the Jew-hating resolution. Israel may stand alone for the time being, but that's set to change when Trump takes office on January 20th. That's when the new American president and the Israeli prime minister will show to the world that you can't expect to harass Israel and get away with it.