White Nationalists Target Montana Jews in Name of Alt-Right's Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer has emerged as the face of modern white nationalism. President of the National Policy Institute, and coiner of the term "alt-right," Spencer leads a small but highly caustic movement of racial agitators. As noted during a now infamous conference held in Washington D.C. last month, during which Spencer and his cohort exchanged Nazi salutes, white nationalists feel emboldened by the ascendancy of President-elect Donald Trump.

For his part, Trump has admirably denounced the alt-right and taken actions leading up to his inauguration which run counter to the white-nationalist agenda. Indeed, Spencer has overtly stated that Trump is not an adherent of the alt-right. The movement stands emboldened nonetheless, due to the underlying themes which emerged during the campaign. The leap from "America first" to "whites first" proves short for a passionate few.