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N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Booked 200 Rooms for Clinton Inauguration

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo booked 200 hotel rooms for the 2017 presidential inauguration, Page Six's Richard Johnson reported Sunday.

Cuomo grabbed so many rooms for family, friends, and supporters — aiming to celebrate Hillary Clinton's presidential inauguration and lay the groundwork for his own future bid for the presidency.

"A little overconfident," one unnamed Republican quipped. Indeed, the entire Clinton campaign was overconfident, and that arguably led to their defeat. Rather than shoring up key states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, her campaign targeted unlikely states like Arizona and Texas. President-elect Donald Trump out-flanked her, and she allowed him to win the presidency.

When Trump won, Cuomo was surprised and taken unawares. Desperate to rid himself of the 200 hotel rooms, he told a staffer to call Ed Cox, chairman of New York's Republican Party, to offer him the giant block of hotel rooms at the Loews Madison in Washington, D.C.

"The best part is Cuomo booked so early, he locked in a really low rate," the Republican insider told Page Six. Cox was reportedly grateful, since rooms in the capital "are a hot commodity right now."