OSU Diversity Officer Urges Compassion for Somali Terrorist Who Attacked Students

The Ohio State University assistant director of residence life allegedly expressed sympathy for Somali stabber Abdul Razak Ali Artan in a bizarre Facebook post Monday that has since gone viral.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson urged her followers to have compassion for Artan after he expressed a desire "to kill a billion infidels" and then tried to kill as many as he could at OSU. She also urged people to “think of the pain he must have been in,” and used the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHisName (which BLM uses to denote victims of police brutality).


If Ohio State officer Alan Horujko had not been able to quickly take Artan down, the terrorist could have ended up killing many people, rather than only sending ten of them to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries (one of them critical). No one in their right mind could possibly consider his actions an example of police brutality against a minority. But Thompson seemed to do so in her Facebook post.

The fact that she urged her friends not to share the Facebook post seems to indicate she understood how negatively her message would be viewed by a wider public.