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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen Redeems Himself on the 'Glenn Beck Program'

After going down in burning flames on the Steve Deace Show earlier this month, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen has, like a phoenix, risen from the ashes on the "Glenn Beck Program."

On the show, Beck asked several serious and difficult questions. Petersen answered every single one of them in style, with charisma, and -- more importantly -- in a constitutionally sound way.

Sidekicks Stu and Pat jumped in every now and then, with especially the latter demanding an explanation from Petersen on his immigration policies. Petersen had in the past said that, in a perfect world, he'd be for open borders. Many libertarians share that view -- the great economist Milton Friedman was one of them when he was still alive.

Petersen explained, correctly so, that you can't have a welfare state and open borders at the same time. This means that if his views would ever become mainstream and accepted, the welfare state first would have to be dismantled. Conservatives can surely agree with him on that point. That'll take us 20 or 30 years, at which point America can have a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of a no-borders immigration policy.

What's more, Petersen said, as commander-in-chief he has to obey the law, even laws he wouldn't support in a perfect world (which it obviously isn't). There are immigration laws on the books; they've been written by Congress. As president, Petersen will implement them. This is unlike Barack Obama, who's routinely ignoring them, and Hillary Clinton, who's set to do the same. Although Donald Trump is thought of as an immigration hawk, nobody can be sure about his views on the matter -- or any matter at all.