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Louisiana Sheriff Who Called Gang Members 'Animals' Gets the Axe

Somehow, you had to know this was coming:

Clay Higgins, the brash, outspoken captain of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office, resigned Monday after he appeared in a viral video calling a group of predominantly black gang members “animals.”

Higgins, a God-fearing man of the law with a deep southern drawl, had appeared in a series of widely popular “crime stoppers” videos that drew in millions of viewers. His tough-talking, straight-shooting approach made him a folk hero in Opelousas, La., and earned him a cult following online.

“You can run but you can’t hide,” Higgins said in one video, addressing his quarry with a hand resting on the grip of his pistol. “We will find you.”

Higgins’s resignation came 10 days after a video circulated online through the Acadiana, La., ABC affiliate KATC in which he called for wanted members of the Gremlins gang to turn themselves in.

Addressing the suspected criminals, Higgins called the alleged gang-members “thugs,” “heathens,” and “animals.”

Gee, that's too damn bad, right? Naturally, these brash sentiments drew the ire of one of the two foremost anti-real-American organizations in the country, the ACLU (the other is the Southern Poverty Law Center):

Higgins’s tough talk quickly attracted criticism from the Louisiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We live in a system of laws, and there are legal rights that apply to everyone,” the ACLU said in a statement sent to KATC. “It is the job of law enforcement to protect those rights while also keeping our communities safe. Nothing that Mr. Higgins said will make his community safer, but there is much to suggest violations of fundamental rights of all. . .In doing so he must honor the laws of this country, or he is unfit to serve.”

And people wonder why Trump is leading in the polls...

Here's the video of the "Cajun John Wayne." Let the ACLU know what you think: