Trump Lets Slip 'We're Going to Keep' Common Core

Donald Trump

I can't even...

On Wednesday, real estate tycoon Donald J. Trump seemed to switch his position on the Common Core State Standards mid-speech. Millennial Josh Perry caught The Donald on video declaring "Common Core, we're going to keep."

That's Trump defending Common Core, caught on tape by Perry, social media director at Ted Cruz for President.

We are going to do something special, ok, you ready? Common Core, we're gonna keep. Trade we're gonna make great. Military we are going to go through the -- we are going to make it so great.

But earlier in the speech, Trump had said, "Common Core -- a total disaster [applause] a disaster. We're going to educate our kids. By the way, Jeb Bush loves Common Core, he wants people educated from Washington." Trump likely didn't change his mind -- he just misspoke. But The Donald never misspeaks. He won't admit any failure on his part, so here's his response to being called out on it.