Georgetown Welcomes Back Prof Who Doxxed Men, Called for ‘Deaths’ of GOP Senators

YouTube screenshot of Christine Fair, a Georgetown professor.

The professor who called for the “miserable deaths” of GOP Senators and who doxxed those who sent her hate-mail will return to Georgetown University to teach two classes this semester.


Christine Fair — an Associate Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown — first came to national attention when she called for the “miserable deaths” of GOP Senators in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh trial last September.

Not long after, PJ Media discovered that Fair was running her own doxing blog (now-defunct for violating Twitter’s community guidelines), where dozens of posts published the names, addresses, phone numbers, and workplaces of men who disagreed with her.

“I do research for a living,” wrote Fair in one doxxing post. “Locating [these men’s] residences… their wives, employers, etc… is a mental sport for me,” she added.

PJ Media reviewed hundreds of posts on Fair’s doxxing blog and identified at least 11 accounts of full-blown doxxing, during which full names, addresses, aliases, and even family members’ phone numbers were made public.

As I initially reported, Fair has denied wrongdoing.

“I run my Tumblr blog. You can see only people who send me vile notes are doxxed,” she told PJ Media last year. The blog — ShitMenSay — was deplatformed in May after Tumblr determined she violated community guidelines by inciting hatred against men.

Both Georgetown and Fair remain mum about the situation.

While Fair was initially put on “paid research leave” nearly a year ago, a review of the Georgetown University class directory reveals that Fair will be teaching two classes this semester: one research seminar and one class on security issues in South Asia.


This is despite an ongoing probe into Fair’s actions by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. The nation’s oldest men’s group, the National Coalition for Men, filed a Title IX complaint implicating her last October.

Christine Fair “has openly called for violence and terrorism against men as a class… and several specific men” the complaint argued.

“She is an active and ongoing security threat to her male students, she cannot be expected to teach her male students in a fair manner,” wrote NCFM President Harry Crouch. “Her presence creates a hostile environment against young male students on campus.”

Christine Fair and Georgetown University did not respond to numerous opportunities to comment. The OCR cannot comment on ongoing investigations.

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