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Prof Who Called for GOP Senators' ‘Deaths’ Admits to ‘Doxxing’ Her Haters’ Addresses, Phone Numbers

The Georgetown University professor who called for the “miserable deaths” of GOP senators admitted Thursday to PJ Media that she runs a “doxxing” blog where she posts the names, phone numbers, and addresses of people who send her rude emails.

The blog — “ShitMenSay” on Tumblr — was launched by Professor Christine Fair in January 2017. First, she began by posting screenshots of the “hate mail” she was sent by Facebook and email, typically only including names and people’s email addresses.

Tumblr screenshot of Christine Fair's doxxing page.

But as early as May 2017, Fair changed course. Instead of simply screenshotting the person’s email or Facebook message, Fair appears to have subscribed to a service that would help her figure out where these people exactly live.

PJ Media reviewed hundreds of posts (yes, hundreds) on “ShitMenSay” and identified 11 accounts of full-on doxxing, for which home addresses, phone numbers, photos, aliases, and occasionally work phone numbers and other family members were made public.

“When will these male trolls learn?” she wrote on September 28.

“I do research for a living. Locating their residences (these folks live in a town in [redacted] near an elementary school on [redacted] St.), their wives, employers, etc. is mental sport for me,” wrote Fair in one doxxing post.

“I will be notifying his current and past employer as well as his wife,” she wrote on a separate doxxing post. (PJ Media is not linking or screenshotting any of these posts due to privacy concerns for the victims of her blog.)

While Fair justifies her doxxing by calling it “accountability” for “harassment,” the emails that she received are garden-variety hate mail, and wouldn’t in any case rise to an illegal level of harassment.

For example, one man was doxxed after he emailed: “I find it interesting that you refer to half the [men] in this country as a form of ape. Your (sic) a PHD right? I guess it must not be difficult to get a PHD.”

He ended his brief missive with “HAHAHHAAHA GO TRUMP, I’M GLAD HE IRRITATES YOU.” In turn, Fair posted his email, his home address, and his phone number, and contacted his employer. It is unclear if he is still employed; he was unreachable by phone and email.

PJ Media contacted the 11 people who were hardcore doxxed by Professor Fair. The vast majority of this hardcore doxxing came after she tweeted that GOP white senators “deserve miserable deaths” during the Brett Kavanaugh TV saga.

Except for two victims, none responded to PJ Media's requests for comment.

One man, K, said he was unaware he was doxxed. (To be fair, it is unclear how many people follow Fair’s doxxing blog. It could easily have a handful of followers, or thousands.)