Title IX Official: Believe Rape Accusations Even if False, Because It's 'That Person's Truth'

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From time to time, Title IX supporters admit they know some campus rape accusations may be false. Yet, they still support the denial of due process rights to the accused.


Earlier this month, Clackamas Community College Title IX coordinator and Dean of Human Resources Patricia Wieck told The College Fix why believing accusers rather than waiting for evidence is important:

Believing survivors means let’s sit down and understand each other’s experience. Let’s believe what that person said, he or she has experienced, that we have experienced. It may not be the truth, as has been determined, but it is that person’s truth and what they were going through.

Are you kidding me?

This woman believes the false destruction of a man’s life via pinning on him one of the most horrible crimes a human can commit — some would argue the worst, and I can’t disagree outright — is preferable to a fair trial because of some postmodernist garbage?

The backers of Title IX have always used a lot of this “truth is subjective” nonsense to defend themselves. Her comments show the entire process is biased — by design.

Wieck is saying that even if the accuser is wrong, she’s right if she really, really feels that way. But if you’re the poor schmuck falsely accused of rape, your feelings — and the evidence you produce — don’t get the same treatment.


The reality is that truth isn’t subjective. Feelings aren’t truth.

Either Joe raped Susan or he didn’t. There’s no gray area here. If Joe is falsely accused, he is the victim. He is the survivor — though he isn’t allowed to get a sympathetic ear from the dean.

When dealing with situations like sexual assault, the idea that this country allows authority figures to make judgments based on “a person’s truth” is troubling. The suggestion that reality is dependent on one’s subjective view of the world needs to disappear from all legal and punitive processes.

Especially when we’re dealing with something like rape.


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