Pro-Life Student Walkout Gets Little Support From Administrators

75 Florida students staged a walkout in support of the second amendment. Screenshot WBIR video.

When students walked out of school to protest gun rights last month, administrators all over the country pitched in. It seemed every school had officials willing to not just permit the walkout, but to support the message.


Many wondered if things would have been different for a walkout to protest abortion — and got an answer when one teacher was suspended for simply asking that question.

So pro-life activists held a walkout.

As Campus Reform notes, Princeton University was the only Ivy League university to not make allowances for students taking part during the gun-control walkout on March 14. These universities were much less accommodating for the pro-life walkout this week.

“[M]ost Ivy Leagues have been far less vocal in promoting the upcoming national demonstration, eschewing public declarations and providing Campus Reform only with terse, nonspecific guarantees that the policies touted in advance of the anti-gun walkouts pertain to all forms of peaceful protest,” Campus Reform reported.

The overwhelming Leftist bias among high school and university administrators revealed itself again. At this point, no one should be surprised that an anti-gun protest received far more support than a pro-life rally.

Let’s be clear: The only reason there was any support for student-led walkouts opposing abortion is because questions were asked about bias following the anti-gun demonstrations.


Conservative media and brave teachers and students demanded to know if students would be punished for supporting non-Leftist causes. Put on the spot, administrators understood they didn’t have much of a choice.

Their lukewarm response betrays their agenda, of course. Yes, they’ll allow it — because lawsuits are coming otherwise — but they won’t like it.

Frankly, no one is asking them to like it. However, we are definitely asking them to treat students fairly. As it is, they might as well have put up a neon sign screaming that they hate guns but support abortion. We can all see it as clear as day, and it stinks.

Public school employees don’t need to share our values, or even hide their own. I tend to understand that not everyone does. The problem is that they make things difficult for us if they get half a chance.


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